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Do you want to be notified whenever a news story, announcement or calendar posting is added to your school site? Find out how with Rockwood RSS Feeds.


To use an RSS feed, you need to follow a few steps. 

Step 1. Sign up for an RSS reader.  There are many readers available; you can find a list of them on our RSS subscription page.  One example is the Google Reader.  To subscribe to this reader, go to and create a new account (or use your current gmail account if you own one.)  Once on your gmail account, click "Reader."

Step 2. Subscribe.  This is the process of setting up a connection between your reader and your school sites.  To subscribe to the Rockwood page of your choice, click on one of the options below.  Once you have selected the RSS feed you would like to subscribe to, you will be directed to the "subscription page."  This is the page where you choose the reader you are using to subscribe. 

  • Some readers require you to copy the address at the top of this page, then go back to your reader and look for a link that says "Add Feed" or "Add Subscription."  Click on that, and paste the address into your reader.
  • Other readers, like Google, provide a "one click access" to subscribe.  Simply click on the Google icon and your Google Reader will automatically bring school information directly to you.

Subscribe to as many Rockwood RSS feeds as you like.  There is no limit!​

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