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Principal - Dr. Brooks

May 24
Brooks' Blog 05/24/2019

Dear Parents,

The end of the year is upon us. We wish you all a wonderful and relaxing summer.

Report Card access: You will receive your child's final report card via a secure email from the school district. Instead of logging on to Infinite Campus to view the final grades, parents will receive an email that includes a secure link where they can download their child's report card the week of June 4. Be sure to look for this message via the email address you've provided to the school district. If you need more information, please contact your school office or the Rockwood HelpDesk at (636) 733-1111.

Field Day: Thank you Mrs. Tomaras and Mrs. Calderon and our volunteers for an awesome Field Day! We made this work! 


Summer Reading: Attached is a list of books recommended by Mr. Brim for each grade level if you are looking for summer reading material. 

Summer reading list.pdf

Keep your eye on the email that will be sent out August 1, 2019 welcoming you to a new school year and announcing your child's teacher. 

May 17
Brooks' Blog 05/17/2019

Dear Parents,

Yesterday afternoon we met our NEW 19-20 kindergarten Chargers with popsicles on the playground. We are SO excited to welcome so many New Chargers!

Our annual District Art Show was held April 27-28 at St. Louis Community College's Wildwood Campus. This is a huge event, and we are so grateful for the support we receive from many departments and community partners to make it happen each year. Brian Reed, Instructional Technology Specialist, has created two Google Exhibitions of the art show, one focusing on elementary and one focusing on secondary. Brian took many of the photos himself using a 360 camera and also incorporated pictures taken by Alex Fees in our communications department. 

Whether or not you were able to attend the live event, this is a view like none other! You can access the links below from any device. You can also put them in VR mode and experience the expeditions using a VR viewer. Please feel free to share these with students, parents, or anyone else who might be interested.

2019 Rockwood Art Show Google Expedition (Elementary)

2019 Rockwood Art Show Google Expedition (Secondary) -

Thank you all for your support of and involvement in this special event!

Many of our students experience a significant "Summer Slide" during the long break. The best way to help your child in avoiding this, is to encourage them to read daily. Mr. Brim, our librarian, asked me to share two programs available over the summer. 

SLCL Summer Reading Program.pdf

Summer Book Club 4 and 5.pdf

Elementary Track Meet ​was on Wednesday at Lafayete.  We would like to give and congratulations to our Mr. Hrdlicka, Mrs. Hartin, and the CES track team!!

​We came in 1st Place!!!

18-19 Track Meet.jpeg

​We were excited to begin a new tradition with the Class of 2019 Senior Walk led by our very Jared Cochran!!​​

​​2019 Senior Walk.jpg

​​2019 Senior Walk 2.jpg

Last Week of School Schedule:

5/20 - 5th Graders return from Smoky Mountain trip

5/21 – Kindergarten Promotion (9:30)

5/21 – "Mark Twain" field trip to Barnes and Noble

5/21 – End of Year Assembly (1:30)

5/22 – 5th Grade Promotion (9:30)

5/23 – Field Day (9:30 – 12:00)

5/23 – ALL School Picnic (12:00)

5/23 – Charger Cheer – Farewell to our 5th Grade students (@ 12:45)

May 10
Brooks' Blog 05/10/2019

​Dear Parents,

On behalf of our teachers, I want to thank you for your generosity in appreciating our staff. Thank you to Mrs. Rossouw who came in daily to outfit the best "goodies cart" for our teachers with yummies, drinks, etc. The cart was the most sought after item throughout the week. Also, thank you to the PTO sponsored Pizza Lunch from Vito's – what a smorgasbord!

​Also, we had a special guest at our assembly this week!!!


Exciting news – CES continues to grow! Yesterday, we were notified that our increased enrollment will allow us to open an additional second grade section. This addition will allow us to have smaller class sizes in all of our primary grades. As a result, we will lose the use of our Leadership Lounge, as this will become a classroom. We will need to be creative when it comes to holding meetings, etc.

Our third grade teachers treated our third grade students to a "Red Carpet" treatment as they arrived to school this morning, the first day for their MAP test. Individual posters and messages sent in by parents help encourage our third graders to do their best.  

3rd MAP 1.jpg3rd MAP 2.jpg

3rd MAP 3.jpg

Wishing ALL of our Moms a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

Upcoming Week….

Meet Me in St. Louis: Tuesday 4:30 – 6:30

Track Meet: Wednesday 9:00 – 2:00

Popsicles on the Playground welcoming our 19-20 Kindergarten Chargers: Thursday 4:00 – 5:00

Former CES students graduating from LHS "Walking the CES Halls" : Friday 1:30 – 2:00

May 03
Brooks' Blog 05/03/2019

Dear Parents,​

Our wonderful nurse, Ms. Kristin, has been compiling some data for us. I found this so interesting, I wanted to share:  

October 2018 – 407 visits

November 2018 – 448 visits

December 2018 – 375 visits

January 2019 – 448 visits

February 2019 -  531 visits

March 2019 – 493 visits

April 2019 – 790 visits

The list shows the number of visits our nurse has had from our students during a given month – please note the April numbers!!!  As you can see, Ms. Kristin is VERY busy!

Our MAP testing is continuing. I have heard that overall the tests are pretty challenging. Our kiddos are holding up well under this pressure, although the weather could be cooperating a bit more to give them more relief with some fresh air!

Our initial class placement is complete. We considered every aspect of the parent input and did our best in accommodating the requests. Students will be notified of their placement on August 1st, when a general email will be sent out with a welcome letter from the teacher.

Please join us if you can for our annual Meet Me in St. Louis "picnic" in Forest Park on May 14th

​​​Meet me in St. Louis 2018-19.pdf

Congrats to CES for yet another Promising Practice Award from CharacterEd Plus. The name of the practice we were recognized for is " Bridging the Generation Gap with Grandfriends", a wonderful experience spearheaded by Ms. Cochran where residents from the local nursing home visit our school and spend some time with our kiddos in activities such as building, drawing, coloring, etc. ​

Apr 29
Brooks' Blog 04/26/2019

​Dear Parents,

The end of the year testing season has started! Our third thru fifth grade students will be spending a portion of almost every day in the upcoming weeks completing sections of the MAP assessment. Please know that the MAP test is a state requirement and all of our 3-5 students are expected to complete it; if your child is absent during a session, he/she will have to make it up separately from their peers, and at times, the camaraderie of taking the test together makes the task a bit easier.  We try to get the kiddos geared up by doing morning cheers, getting extra breaks, offering frequent snacks, etc. Please encourage your child(ren) to do their best – that's all we can ask of them. We thank you for your support.

This past week, we celebrated our wonderful office staff on Administrative Assistants Day. Dr. Pregler, Mrs. Rose, and I covered the phones and the office while our awesome secretaries got to go off-campus for lunch. I am sure you agree that they are the BEST! 

Sec Day.JPG

We hope many of you can join us for the Rockwood Art Show this weekend on Saturday and Sunday, from noon to 3:30 at the St Louis Community College - Wildwood

Apr 18
Brooks' Blog 04/18/2019

Dear Parents,

Thank you for coming out to support our students for the CES mile. The weather cooperated and we were so proud of our students for their efforts and perseverance. We also want to thank you all of our parents who have volunteered this past year. We were excited that many of you got to enjoy the light breakfast treats our staff brought in to share to recognize our volunteers.

18-19 CES Mile.jpg

This Wednesday was even more special as we had our Principal and Assistant Principal for the Day serve in the administrative role. McCormack Amini, Principal, and Lyla Monschein, Assistant Principal, moved into Mrs. Rose's and my offices, did the morning welcome, entertained our volunteers, monitored lunch/recess duties, visited classrooms, and much more. Our day ended with a special song chosen by the acting Principal that rang throughout our building. Both roles were the result of the bidding that took place at the PTO Trivia Night. The day was packed with a lot of fun!

Speaking of Trivia Night, the "grants" of items for each grade level and the specialists is almost complete. I will encourage each group of teachers to share their plans to use the funds. Additionally, we will be able to purchase the gaga pit for our students, but its installation will not be able to take place until next Fall – the earliest the District can come out, level the ground and lay down cement. Finally, the heart monitors for PE have been purchased. As soon as they are used, we will share pictures with the parent community. As always, we are very grateful for your generosity towards making the educational experience a truly rich one for our kiddos.

Note from our Nurse ….. Spring has sprung! Grateful for the sunshine, but along comes allergy season as well. Itchy watery eyes have been very common this week as we've seen increased pollen counts. Encourage students to wash their hands and face after coming inside. Taking over the counter allergy medications at home can be helpful, but as always, discuss with your student's primary healthcare provider. I have allergy eye drops available at school for students but if your child has a specific regimen that works for them, don't hesitate to contact Nurse Kristin!

Enjoy the extended weekend, Happy Easter and Passover to those celebrating.


Apr 12
Brooks' Blog 04/12/2019

​Dear Parents,

This time of the school year is truly busy! We are in the process of creating the calendar for next year, looking at class placement (parent input letters are due on the 19th), getting ready for MAP testing, completing our STAR testing, and participating in many exciting school-wide events, like assemblies and concerts. It is a great time of the school year, but very busy. Next week, we celebrate YOU!!! Please join us for light breakfast in the Leadership Lounge before and after the CES mile on Wednesday, the 17th. Starting at 8:30, we want to thank you for all you have done for our school this past year by sharing with some yummies provided by our staff.

Battle of the Books was held Monday morning at the Administrative Annex.   The trivia-style contest paired teams of students up against each other to test their knowledge about books designated as Mark Twain nominees. In eight rounds of 10 questions, students came up with answers to questions about the books; the contest tests students' comprehension.   Teams were comprised of eight 4th and 5th grade students.   It was very well received, and our CES team came in 4th place. Congrats to Michelle Chen, Alexis Sandberg, Seth Tudtud, Lainey Bass, Noah Adamson, Julia Brady, Sienna Perry, and Sydney Berger. This has already been planned to continue for the 2019-2020 school year.  

work 1.JPGwork 2.JPG

Last night, our third grade students had their concert where they first played the violins – they were awesome! – and then performed three songs that were outstanding! With movement and instruments, they were terrific! Thank you Ms. Tomich and Ms. Hamilton for their great leadership. 

Today, I had the privilege of spending my whole day in the classrooms. If you remember, the staff who attended the Trivia Night bid for the Principal of the Day. As a result, the participants will get to individually serve as the principal for 15 minutes at a time throughout the day, while I get to spend time with the kiddos in the classrooms! It's a win-win for me!


Apr 05
Brooks' Blog 04/05/2019

​Dear Parents,

​​We thank you once more for the generosity of our parent community. The funds from our latest Trivia Night are being distributed as we speak: the request for the "heart monitors" has been submitted; we are meeting with the District Maintenance personnel tomorrow to talk about the "cement pad" needed for the gaga pit; the grade levels are forwarding their grade level "grants" for classroom support. These will be approved by the Building Leadership Team and then forwarded to the PTO Board.  

We celebrated "Cardinal Day" yesterday in our Red without Opening Day. Today, we celebrate "Favorite Book/Gaming Character Day. 


Character Day.jpg


We are gearing up for the MAP test, that begins on April 24th  for our 3 – 5 grade students. Fourth and Fifth grade students will test simultaneously first and Third Grade students will complete the testing by May 14th.  Individual schedules will be shared with parents – please make every effort in having your child present for the testing sessions.

We are also starting the conversation about class placement for next year. Parent Input is welcomed until April 19th. This is not mandatory; the forms completed will be shared with the staff at time of actual 2019-20 classroom creation. I am attaching another copy of the document if you wish to complete it.

We have completed the hiring process for our first grade and kindergarten positions. We welcome Ms. Alexis Hightaian to Kindergarten and Ms. Katherene Kaiser for First Grade. Both teachers come with experience in primary grades and high accolades from their previous schools.

Waiting patiently for that beautiful Spring Weather!

Meg Brooks

Mar 29

​Thank you so much for so many of our parents who were able to serve as our teachers during our JA Junior Achievement-in-a-day event.  We are so appreciative of your support and partnership!  Our school is so special as a result of your leadership and commitment.  I look forward to working together again next school year!

Parent Volunteers for Junior Achievement

This week, many of us were able to meet our new Superintendent, Dr. Mark Miles. I believe this will be a very successful transition. Dr. Miles is very approachable and welcoming and he is very excited about coming back to Missouri. I am hoping that we will be able to have him visit CES before the end of the year.

Yesterday, we had a very "loud" all-school assembly where "Sheltered Reality" performed on drums.  This group included one of our own students and the message they shared was of "never giving up" and "trying your best". Our students participated throughout with a lot of energy and smiles ….. ​


​As we gear up for next year, we always reach out to our parents for their input about their child(ren) in regards to 2019-2020 class placement. Attached is the form we will be using this year. Please know that you do NOT need to complete this form unless you want to make sure we are aware of your comments. 

Student Profile Sheet 19-20 Form.pdf

Mar 08
Brooks' Blog 03/08/2019

We have been celebrating our Reading Week! We have had so much fun watching our "Potato Characters" take over our lobby, reading to our buddies, dressing up in stripes and hats, and winning books for making good guesses! We finished our week with visiting our Book Fair! 

Potatoes 1.jpg

Potatoes 2.jpg

Potatoes 3.jpg

Next week, we look forward to seeing many of our parents as they visit with our teachers for the Spring Conferences. A reminder that we would love to see you all, but if you feel secure about your child's progress, and you have not heard from your child's teacher that you should meet, attendance is not mandatory.

During the evening hours and throughout the days, next week, we will have chrome-books available for our parents to complete a survey as to their feelings about our school. We ask that our parents share their opinion and voice as to how we are doing in educating your children. Our students will have their own survey to complete in the classrooms and the results of both parents and students will help us set up improvement plans for next year. 


Finally, we are really trying to make the morning drop-off for parents easier. As soon as the weather gets warmer, we will paint the numbers on the parking spaces to identify drop-off points. We will also install signs to help parents remember that we drop off ANYWHERE ALONG THE SIDEWALK. Based on the fact that school instruction begins at 9:09, please make every effort in dropping off your child no later than 9:05 a.m. The staff that monitors the back doors will be asked to return to the building at 9:06. Parents coming after 9:06 will need to walk their child to the building and get buzzed in; arriving after 9:09 will require the parents to come into the office and sign the child in.

From the Nurse…. For anyone who is getting a head start on spring cleaning (maybe it'll be good luck to bring better weather), keep in mind that the nurse's office will always take clothing donations! Girl and boy of all sizes are acceptable! Thank you in advance :) 

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