Eureka High School
4525 Highway 109, Eureka, MO 63025
Phone (636) 733-3100
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Mathematics Help Sessions

A mathematics teacher will be available to tutor students.

  • Room 809 every morning beginning at 7:30
  • Room 809 every hour during the school day

ACT Calculator Workshop                

Learn how to use the ACT program on the TI-83 calculator. Benefits of the workshop:

  • Quicker calculations.
  • Pre-programmed formulas to help with quadratics, geometry, and basic algebra.​
  • Stored formulas including trigonometry, areas, volumes, and many more.
  • Sample problems to demonstrate short cuts that can be used.
  • Students may be provided with a TI-83 calculator for use on the ACT test.

See your math teacher for further information.

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 Khan Academy Instructional Math Videos
 Brightstorm Math Videos by Subject
 USA Test Prep for EOC and ACT Test Practice (ask your teacher for the activation code)
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 Missouri Algebra 1 Released EOC Form
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