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Associate Principal - Jennifer Strauser

​Associate Principal - Jennifer Strauser
Mar 26
AMPED Program in the News

​I know I haven't posted a blog in a while; I've been using Twitter as my primary form of communication, but this bit of good news is better in the form of a blog:

Our AMPED program made the Leader​, complete with story and pictures!  Check it out here!​

​This link​ has more pics!

May 02
New Schedule for AP Tests Due to School Closing

​Please read the letter below carefully.  The Testing Office will send out new information as it becomes available.

Dear AP Students, Parents, and Staff:
With the recent and impending flood, EHS Administration, the EHS Building Testing Coordinator, the RSD District Testing Coordinator, and the College Board met this morning to plan a modified testing schedule.  
Most importantly, please remember that all of the scheduling decisions are tied to the College Board and to meeting their testing requirements.  We are able to delay tests only during specific times set by the College Board, and there are no exceptions.  We also took graduation and Senior Celebration into consideration and have designed a schedule that addresses all of these limitations and provides students with the best opportunity to have a successful testing experience.

Below are several scenarios of a new testing schedule depending on when we return to school. We apologize for the lack of information about the locations; we will know more after the water recedes.  Please read carefully.
  • If school resumes on Tuesday, May 2nd, the Spanish, Art History, and Physics I finals will still take place as will the rest of the scheduled AP tests for the remainder of the sessions.  The Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Psychology tests that were scheduled for Monday, May 1st will be during the following dates and times: 
    • Chemistry:  Thursday, May 25th at 8:00 am, location TBD
    • Environmental Science:  Wednesday, May 17th at noon, location TBD
    • Psychology:  Friday, May 19th, 8:00 am, location TBD 
  • If school is out again tomorrow, Tuesday, May 2nd, the tests below will be added to the new schedule listed above:
    • Spanish:  Thursday, May 18th at noon, location TBD
    • Art History:  Friday, May 26th at 8:00 am, location TBD
    • Physics I:  Friday, May 26th at noon, location TBD
  • If school does not resume until Thursday, May 4thWednesday's tests will be added to the new schedule:
    • English Lit:  Wednesday, May 24th at 8:00 am, location TBD
    • Physics II:  Wednesday, May 24th at noon, location TBD
  • If we are out of school until FridayThursday's tests will be added:
    • US Gov't and Politics:  Wednesday, May 17th at 8:00 am, location TBD
  • AP Studio Art students:  Your deadline for submission has been pushed back to May 12th.  Your teacher will be in touch with you.
If we are out all week, we will add Friday's tests to the new schedule as well, but we will not send that schedule until it is a reality. When we have a definitive idea of how many days we will be out, we will send you a chart with all of the above information that may be easier to reference.  

Below are FAQs from our district testing office; hopefully, the answers will clarify any confusion or concerns:
  • Is the make up testing harder?

    • From AP - Level of difficulty the same.  See more information from AP Central 
  • If my school is closed can I take the AP Exam at a different school?
    • In the interest of safety, if school is canceled for a building, we will not reroute or provide an alternate location for students of a closed building.  
  • When school does resume, what exams will be offered?
    • The AP exam schedule may not be "pushed back". When school resumes, we must stick with the original test schedule. Exams missed will be taken on make-up days provided by College Board and then scheduled within each school.
  • How are the make-ups determined?
    • College Board provides schools with a set amount of days and dates to complete late testing and make-ups
We will be in communication frequently as we have new information. Of course, the safety of our students is our first priority.  Please keep the families whose homes are directly affected by the flood in your thoughts.​
Mar 24
More Incredibleness!


Mar 24
Art Show Incredibleness! (Is that a word?)

This week​, the students and staff of EHS had the privilege of attending the Eureka High School Art Show.  We also welcomed the community to be amazed as well!  The level of talent is unbelievable in our building.  Below are pictures of the "incredibleness."  Enjoy! By the way, the picture of the three apples (artist Courtney St. John) is a drawing, NOT a photograph...


Mar 06
Deepa Bhuvanagiri: TOP ST. LOUIS SCIENCE STUDENTS QUALIFY FOR INTEL INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE & ENGINEERING FAIR: Academy of Science - St. Louis Science Fair - Honors Division!

​Photo Courtesy of Academy of Science, StL

2nd Place 
Deepa Bhuvanagiri, Grade 11, Eureka High School
Project Title: To determine if children or adults are more receptive to being educated on stereotypes

Award:  $2,000 Scholarship 

Deepa is now qualified to compete at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair in May and will receive an all-expense-paid trip to this event.  Deepa will be recognized at the 2017 Academy of Science - St. Louis  Outstanding Scientists Awards Dinner to be held at the Chase Park Plaza onApril 6th.


More Information: 

The Academy of Science - St. Louis is pleased to announce the top students who participated in the Academy of Science -  St. Louis Science Fair - Honors Division on Saturday, March 4, 2017.  Awards will be presented to the top three students at the 2017 Academy of Science - St. Louis Outstanding Scientist Awards Dinner to be held at the Chase Park Plaza on 
April 6th.  High School students have completed collegiate-level research in regional classrooms and labs.  The competition was held at the Missouri Botanical Garden - Commerce Bank Education Center.

The top two students will represent the Academy of Science - St. Louis Science Fair at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in May.  

$14,000 in scholarships are awarded to the top 10 students made possible through the generous support of Monsanto Fund!

Over 60 MD's, Ph.D.'s, and professionals with exceptional engineering/technology expertise, generously served as Honors Division judges.

Dec 05
EHS Robotics Strikes Again!
The Quarks 3591 performed very well in the robot competition and received multiple awards at Flo Valley this weekend.  They received the third place Inspire Award (an inspiration to other teams) which earned them a ticket to advance to the Missouri State Competition in March 2017.  In addition, they earned first place for the Think Award (engineering notebook), second place for the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award (innovative robot design), and third place for the PTC Design Award (industrial robot design).  The Quarks were the second ranked team in regular game play and became an alliance team captain.  The team was eliminated in the semi-finals.
Congratulations to...
Allison Abernathie
Luke Bremer
Matthew Clark, Co-Captain
Catherine Colletti, Co-Captain
Samuel Huff
Connor Hallemann
Angelana McMurray
Declan Ortinau
Andrew Pemberton
Tyler Rhoades
Sean Sampson
Josephine Schmaltz

​Thank you to ​Teresa Colletti, Quarks Mentor, for this information!

Dec 05
Student Wellness Day a Resounding Success!

Thank you to students, staff, and district personnel for helping make EHS's first annual Student W​ellness Conference a success.  

We collected the following information in a survey to students offered after the day:

​70.5% of students enjoyed their presenter.

95.4% felt that the information shared at their session had value.

The Awaken Project in the morning inspired students as well.

​We look forward to next year!

Oct 14
How Parents Can Help with their Students' Wellness

Check out this great resource for parents who want to help their students develop skills in how to tackle challenges rather than avoid them.  

Parent Tool Kit.PNG

Oct 14
Student Wellness
Hopefully, EHS students went home this week talking about the awesome opportunity they are going to have to develop some mindfulness and stress-management skills on November 21st.  What a great way to start the week of Thanksgiving!  

Check out the video ehs hub editor Nick Weaver made to explain what Social Emotional Learning is all about!

Ask your child what he/she chose:  line dancing? yoga? cross fit? chess? cooking? 

Aug 12
Freshman Orientation was AMAZING today!

Our e!Crew leaders and teachers did a fantastic job of welcoming the Class of 2020 to Eureka High School today.  Every year, I am humbled and amazed by the love our students and staff have for our school.  

Two district themes this year are "All in" & "And how are the children?"  Today's Freshman Orientation fully supported both.  So proud to be a Wildcat!  ​

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