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12th Grade Principal - Dan Thoman
Sep 14
EHS has 8 National Merit Semifinalists in Class of 2018

These students scored in the highest of percentages nationally on the PSAT their junior year.  Congratulations to the following and good luck as we wait to hear whether you qualify as a Finalist.


Aparajita Chunduri                        Catherine Colletti


Noah Cross                                    Addison Kitrel


William Kvam                                Rohan Rai


Jessica Stalter                                Benjamin Zerler​

Sep 11
A+ enrollment deadline fast approaching

​Last date to sign up for A+ program for Class of 2018 is September 20.

Sep 06
Senior Yearbook Photo Retakes - Oct 9

October 9 - more info to follow​

This would be the last chance to be in the senior color photo section of your senior yearbook.  Sitting fee of $5 is required unless this is a retake.  Checks made out to EHS Publications.

Aug 28
Senior Parking Spot Painting Opportunities
Seniors - Class of 2018, 

Do you want to be a part of a recent senior tradition? Do you want to make EHS a more vibrant, festive place? Then, sign up for Senior Parking Spot Painting

WHEN: Sept. 16th AND/OR Sept. 23rd 
                      9:00 AM to 1:00 PM - both days.

WHERE: Check in at the EHS circle drive.

WHY: To be a part of EHS history and beautify our campus, as well as support the EHS Renaissance Program.

COST: $20 

HOW: Turn the form/design (see 10th grade office for form) with your money into Mrs. Meyer in the Main Office by deadline FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th.​

Thank you!

EHS Renaissance​

Aug 25
Important Dates for Seniors 2018

class of 18.jpg 



9 - Orientation 9:00am - 12:00pm, Senior Portraits 9:00am - 3:00pm

14 - Make-up Orientation 9:00am - 11:00am

16 - First Day of classes

17 - Class Meeting during 2nd hour

21 - Solar Eclipse

24 - Open House 6:00 pm

30 - College Information Night 7:00 pm - 8:30pm


4 - No School Labor Day

9 - ACT Test Date registration deadline 8/4/17

18 - District College Fair 6:30pm - 8:00pm

20 - Deadline to apply for A+ program

27 - Financial Aid Night 7:00pm - 8:30pm

28 - P/T Conferences 4:00pm - 7:30pm


5 - Powder Puff game

6 - Homecoming Game 7:00pm

7-  Homecoming Dance 7:00pm

25 - P/T Conferences 3:30pm

27 - No School

28 - ACT Test Date registration deadline 9/22/17


6 - Josten’s Senior Meeting 9:30am - 10:30am

10 - Veteran’s Day Breakfast

22-24 No School Thanksgiving Break


9 - ACT Test Date registration deadline 11/3/17

18 - 1st hour final - Full Day

19 - 2nd & 3rd hour final - ½ Day

20 - 4th & 5th hour final - ½ Day

21 - 6th & 7th hour final - ½ Day

22 - Jan. 2 - No School Winter Break

class of 18.jpg 



3 - First Day Back for students

15 - No School - MLK Day

25 - Mr. EHS 7:00pm


10 - ACT Test Date registration deadline 1/5/18

19 - No School - President’s Day

22 - P/T Conferences 4:00pm - 7:30pm


7 - P/T Conferences 4:00pm - 7:30pm

9-16 - No School - Spring Break

30 - No School - Good Friday


14 - ACT Test Date registration deadline 3/9/18

14 - Prom, Union Station

19 - Gold Standard Awards 7:00 am


10 - Senior Awards 6:00pm

18 - Last Day for Seniors

24 - Graduation - Chaifetz Arena 7:00 pm


9 - ACT Test Date (Not administered at EHS)​ - registration deadline 5/4/18

Aug 25
ACT Dates 2017-2018

​ACT Date            Registration         Late Registration    Photo

​Sept 9                 Aug ​4                   Aug 18                   Sept 1

Oct ​28                Sept 22                 Oct 6                      Oct 22

​​Dec 9                  ​Nov 3                   Nov 17                   Dec 1

​Feb 10                Jan 12                   Jan 19                    Feb 2

Apr 14                Mar 9                    Mar 23                   Apr 6

​​​​Jun 9                  ​May 4                    May 18                  Jun 1

July 14​               Jun 15                    Jun 22                    ​Jul 6

Aug 04
Orientation for 17-18 Grades 10-12 is Wednesday, August 9, 9 am -12 pm

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year.  We have been busy preparing for what we know will be another fantastic year.

We are sending this message to remind you of our Orientation for grades 10-12 on Wednesday, August 9th.  Please remind your student to follow school dress code while attending orientation.

Sophomore, Junior and Senior Orientation will be from 9:00 to 12:00 p.m.   At Orientation you will need to turn in the following documents that you received in your summer mailing.

  • Your Census form
  • The Health and Nurses forms
  • FERPA form

Photographers will be here to take photos for all students.  Students must be school dress code compliant to be photographed.

Activity passes will be available for purchase.

Renaissance and PTO forms may also be turned in.

You may also turn in the attached yearbook order form for next year as well as pick up last years' yearbook in the large theater.

Don't forget to deposit money into your lunch accounts. 

Juniors and seniors may pick up parking passes provided that all fines and textbooks have been paid and turned in.  To check to make sure you don't have any outstanding fines, fees or textbooks, you can log on to your Destiny account via the Eureka website.

Once you have completed these tasks pick up your schedule and visit with guidance if you have any concerns.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Seniors for the 2017-18 school year must have two meningococcal vaccinations, unless the first vaccination was given after age 16.  This must be completed prior to the beginning of the school year.  This is mandated by Missouri State Law.  Please send the immunization records to the nurse's office.  Nurse Fax number for records is 636-733-8874.  Email nurses at  We must have this record on your senior student's file asap for them to continue with their school year.

More information regarding the Senior Yearbook Photo Sittings are attached.  Photo opportunities are extended for seniors on the 9th.  Reminder to bring $5 cash or check for the senior photo sitting fee.  Make checks out to "EHS Publications."  Also remember that several poses will be taken and these photos can be purchased later for student senior photos.  Dress sharply!  Please adhere, to the best of your ability, to the alphabetical sitting times below.



If your last name begins with...                                    

A thru E, please come between 9:00 – 10:00 am                                        

F thru J, please come between 10:00 – 11:00 am                                        

K thru P, please come between 11:00 am – 12:00 noon

12:00 – 1:00 pm LUNCH BREAK FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS                                            

Q thru U, please come between 1:00 – 2:00 pm

V thru Z, please come at 2:00 pm​

Jun 06
Order forms for 2017-2018 yearbook, yearbook ads, and yearbook picture information

2018 yrbk order.pdf

2018 EHS Ad Sales Form.pdf

FINAL VERSION Senior Mailout Eureka.pdf

Reminder that there will be a $5 sitting fee for yearbook photos.  Check made out to "EHS Publications."

Jun 06

​Copy of the summer letter sent with all information in mailings:

Welcome Class of 2018 Seniors!

I hope the senior class of 2018 is enjoying their summer.  Mrs. Pa​cino, my new senior secretary, and I look forward to helping you reach your goal of graduating on May 24, 2018.  Get those last moments of rest and relaxation out of the way these final weeks of summer, so you can focus and hit it hard this fall semester.  Some things to take care of while you are heading into your senior year:

At orientation, look over your credit check letter and schedule.  You must enroll in and complete any state required courses in order to graduate.  You also must complete and pass 24 credits in order to complete Rockwood graduation requirements.  Take extra courses under the required categories that you have not completed as a safeguard.  Maybe it is time to try an AP course in your schedule to prepare you better for college.  Remember that first semester courses may not be changed once the semester has begun, so you might want to wait to enroll in a study hall till you see if one of your courses is more challenging than you desired.  You are welcome to drop one course for study hall but cannot have more than one period of study hall in your schedule.  Some seniors may rush into placing a study hall in their schedule to take advantage of a senior incentive early release/late arrival before testing their courses to see if they can manage them all.  It is ok to wait a few weeks to change your schedule for senior incentive to make sure the class you drop is the one you really want to drop.  If you see glaring mistakes or desire a change in courses, please visit with your guidance counselor up till your day of orientation on Wednesday, August 9.  Schedule changes will be permitted up till this date if the change will work within our master schedule and not interfere with balanced classes.  Also, do not forget, if eligible, to submit your senior incentive early-out or late-arrival forms to the senior office to be approved.  Until approved for this privilege, you must attend study hall.

Check into ACT testing dates.  You definitely want to take the exam twice in your high school career.  Taking the ACT a second time can help raise your score in most cases.  Do not wait until the last second to take this college entrance exam.  ACT registration must be completed online at  On this site you may register, find a list of upcoming dates, and request your scores to be sent to specific colleges.  Questions will be fielded by Mr. Kirby, the Testing/A+ coordinator, and Mrs. Marshall.  Along with signing up to test, make sure you look into taking the ACT Prep course.  These courses are generally coordinated before several test dates through the sophomore office and Mr. Calhoun/Mrs. Melies.  There are certain sessions that will help with overall test taking skills, and others that help with specific subject matter, like mathematics.  Course times are in the afternoon/evening.  Take advantage of this program.  Paying the prep registration fee buys you a manual with several practice tests inside.Visit with Mr. Buckman and your counselor throughout the year to obtain information that will prepare you for college, service or work after high school.  They have a wide selection of resources and information for your perusal.  Use them to your advantage.  Do not miss out on college application and scholarship deadlines.  See Mr. Buckman or Mrs. Esslinger for details.

Hopefully you have submitted an online application for a parking spot already.  DO NOT PROCRASTINATE – WE DO NOT RESERVE PARKING SPACES FOR ANYONE!  Just because your senior is enrolled in technical school, community service and/or cadet teaching does not mean we will reserve spaces for them to park.  Parking permits have a new cost of $80 this year.  Our fine procedure for parking violations will stay in effect next school year.  You must purchase a permit to park on our lots.  Senior permit application processing will occur this summer after the final submission date of July 28.  We will be randomly assigning parking spots after that date.  You must submit the appropriate form online, with payment online, or in our office.  If all information is not submitted correctly by July 28 there is a strong chance we will run out of permits and you will be left without one.  If your application is approved, verification of driver's license has been made in our office or at orientation, and no fines exist on your student school record, your senior permit will be issued during orientation on August 9.  Any seniors who would like to partner up this upcoming year with a fellow senior will be given the opportunity to earn the closest numbered spots in the parking lot.  Monies collected from parking permit fees go towards parking lot maintenance and improvements, and also other programs that benefit kids.  You should see these fees coming right back to you with certain programs.  Our parking information is included in this mailing.

Orientation for 12th grade students will be conducted on Wednesday, August 9, 2017, from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. in the school commons.  At this time you may turn in your health and census forms, pick up your class schedule and parking permit (if purchased), take your senior yearbook photo (information below), purchase a yearbook and receive your 16-17 yearbook​.  Please make sure that you bring money with you to pay any outstanding fines you have; otherwise, you won't be allowed to pick up your schedule.  Reminder: bring any information needed to complete your emergency consent form as well as updated immunization records. If you are a new student to EHS, welcome!  Regular school dress code is expected on orientation day. 

Other orientation dates and times: 

Makeup orientation, Monday, August 14, 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Seniors must have their picture taken by Interstate Studio at EHS in order to appear in the special color photo section of their senior yearbook.  You should have received a postcard from Inter-State and an email regarding this information.  Even if you will be purchasing senior photos from a different photographer, you must have Inter-State take your yearbook picture.  Senior Portrait Sessions are at EHS during and after Senior Orientation, Wednesday, Aug 9.  Mark your calendars now for this date and times.  We need each senior to take advantage of this sitting so we can have every senior pictured in their senior yearbook pages.  All seniors MUST be photographed to be in the yearbook. There is a $5.00 sitting fee. PLEASE BRING YOUR $5 CHECK OR MONEY ORDER PAYABLE TO "EHS PUBLICATIONS".  You must also bring your previous year's student ID or state issued ID before you can have your picture taken.

SITTING DATE & TIMES:   Wed, August 9            at EHS in the Commons                                                   

If your last name begins with...                                    

A thru E, please come between 9:00 – 10:00 am                                        

F thru J, please come between 10:00 – 11:00 am                                        

K thru P, please come between 11:00 am – 12:00 noon ​

12:00 – 1:00 pm LUNCH BREAK FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS                                            

Q thru U, please come between 1:00 – 2:00 pm

V thru Z, please come at 2:00 pm


Visit for your school's portrait dress code policy and other information.


No other portraits will be accepted for your yearbook.


MORE Questions? Call Inter-State at 314-878-1800


Yearbook and Yearbook Ads (information is within this mailing or on my blog)

- Before-school discount of $65 ($72 if they want to order a nameplate). If seniors would like the yearbook shipped to their home they may pay for the cost to do so.  After August 15, price increase per quarter.

- Patrons can reserve a yearbook online using a credit card with no additional handling fee.

- Patrons can also prepay for shipping when they pay online.

There is a personal ad option available to families of students of all grade levels (flyer is in this mailing or on my blog).
Remember our news site: and to follow @ehs_hub or like ehs-hub on facebook.

As the year progresses, you will receive information regarding the purchase of graduation announcements, cap and gowns, and other senior activities.  Many of these important activities and deadlines will be announced throughout the year in the bulletin and/or printed on my blog at  Keep up with your coursework, attendance and requirements, and we will keep you informed about graduation.  Please call or email for any specific details.  Senior office phone is 636-733-3121.


First day of School – Wednesday, August 16                                    Open House – Thursday, August 24


Please read other important details within this mailing and be prepared for the upcoming school year.  I am anticipating a great school year with this excellent group of students.  Enjoy the rest of summer break and I look forward to working with you in August.




Dan Thoman

12th grade principal EHS


May 16
Engineering Students give their Capstone Presentations

McKenzie Ruff & Catherine Colletti(11) - Automobile Sun Glare Solution

Kaleb Overby & Jake Haefner -  A Better Bike Lock

Jack Mueller & Noah Wolters - Soil Erosion Prevention 

Preston Willard & Kolyn Howard - Laptop External Cooling Device

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