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Finance Department

annual-budget-2017-2018-image.jpgRockwood's excellent financial management was independently confirmed with a Standard and Poor's rating of AAA, one of only four school districts in the state to receive such a high rating.

Strategies and Core Values
Rockwood is committed to professional, prudent and conservative financial management, which includes the involvement of community business leaders, taxpayers, parents, teachers, staff and administrators, with oversight by the Board of Education.

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2017-2018 Annual Budget.pdf
Planning For the Future - Funding School Improvements.pdf
2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.pdf
2016-2017 Annual Budget.pdf
Parent Pay Online - Parent Handbook.pdf
2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.pdf
2015-2016 Budget Book.pdf
Per Pupil (ADA) Expense by District 2014.pdf
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2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.pdf
2014-15 Budget Book .pdf
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