Rockwood Gifted Program
265 Old State Road, Ellisville, MO 63021
Phone (636) 891-6550
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About Us

​​Program Overview
The Center for Creative Learning (Grades K-5), Academic Stretch (Grades 6-8), and the Secondary Gifted Program (9-12) comprise the Rockwood School District's program for academically gifted students. All students involved in the program meet criteria set forth by the school district and approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The faculty of the overall program consists of 35 elementary school, 10 middle school and 7 part or full time high school teachers who provide services to gifted students. In addition, Rockwood employs a Director of gifted programs, on-site psychometrists and counselors, as well as a variety of support staff personnel. Curriculum in Rockwood's Gifted Program is developed to meet the specific learning needs of gifted children. These needs vary from student to student but generally include the ability to learn with fewer repetitions, the tendency to be affected by social issues, the ability to think logically to solve problems, the capacity to manipulate multiple pieces of information at one time, the ability to reason by analogy, and the drive to be in charge of their own learning.

 Elementary Points of Pride

 1). Students planned, designed, and built a public art sculpture called “The Wave”. The sculpture includes over 1400 tiles created by CCL students.

2). Students enrolled in a unit on the ozone successfully petitioned the Board of Education to modify its policy on storing and applying sunscreen in Rockwood schools.They also applied for and received a grant to build a playground shade structure.

3). Students raised funds for numerous causes, including a community fitness course, a wild bird sanctuary, school/medical supplies for third world children and veterans and veteran’s associations.

4). Fourth grade students worked with the District Transportation Director and First Student Bus Company to develop a Rockwood anti-idling policy.

5). Archeology students planned, developed, and filmed archeology documentaries that are on display at the St. Louis History Museum.

 Stretch Points of Pride

1). Students participated in and placed regionally, state-wide and nationally in several competitions, including the Stock Market Game, InvestWrite Essay, Show-Me A Movie, Knowledge Masters Open, and Future Problem Solving.

2). Students raised awareness and funds for causes and organizations, including shelters for the abused, homeless and needy; charities to provide water and needed supplies to impoverished nations; and animal shelters and care centers.

3). Students submitted original videos to the Gifted Association of Missouri’s “We the People” competition and won 3rd place in the state.

4). Students won the grand prize in Missouri’s Department of Natural Resources Earthquake Preparedness Video contest.

5). Students oversaw a school-wide carnation sale for Valentine’s Day. The proceeds allowed students to contribute more than $1000 to each of two charities.