Rockwood Gifted Program
265 Old State Road, Ellisville, MO 63021
Phone (636) 891-6550
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Parent Information

Elementary CCL School: The Center for Creative Learning was established in 1990 as part of Rockwood’s commitment to meeting the learning needs of its most advanced students. The Center supplements the regular school program by providing special educational opportunities for academically gifted students in grades kindergarten through five. Students spend one day each week at the Center.

Middle Stretch School: Academic Stretch is the middle school component of the Rockwood Gifted Program. This component is offered in grades six through eight for students who meet district criteria for the gifted program. Academic Stretch enables students to work with academic peers in an environment that focuses on identifying and maximizing individual student talents and interests. These resources are for educators, parents and students. These websites can help answer questions, highlight specific opportunities and connect parents and teachers of gifted students.

High Resource School:
The goal of the high school program is to inspire, challenge, and encourage gifted students to maximize their capabilities through a collaborative effort of parents, staff and community members. The Gifted Resource Teachers at each high school provide both direct and indirect services to identified gifted students in order to enrich the high school experience.