Rockwood Gifted Program
265 Old State Road, Ellisville, MO 63021
Phone (636) 891-6550
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High School

​​​​​​The Rockwood Gifted and Talented program provides students with a rigorous curriculum that is accelerated in order to meet the academic needs of students.

All children have strengths and positive attributes. Students identified as gifted learners, when compared to others in the same grade level, have an advanced capacity to learn and apply what is learned in one or more subject areas, or in the performing or fine arts. This advanced capacity requires modifications to the regular curriculum to ensure these children are challenged and learn new material. Gifted does not connote good or better; it is a term that allows students to be identified for services that meet their unique learning needs.

High school students who need gifted services have the option of enrolling in courses, such as Advanced Placement for college credit and Honors courses. In addition, a gifted resource teacher provides support to gifted learners as they develop four-year high school plans and explore college/career options.