Lafayette High
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Visitor Management

​​​Lafayette High School  implemented a visitor management that provides an added level of security. The system is a fast, simple way to electronically register and review individuals who visit our school. It will ​streamline our​ check-in process. 

Security procedures

Providing a safe, secure school is always a priority for Lafayette High School. We will continue to use the following safety practices:​

  • Door-access technology requires visitors to buzz-in to the school office before entering the school.

  • Visitor check-in centers are located at the entrance of our school.​

  • Security cameras monitor the building and parking lots.

  • School resource officers patrol our buildings.​

  • All exterior doors are locked.

  • All visitors wear Identification badges.​​

What happens when visitors arrive at our school?

  • Visitors will be asked to provide a driver's lic​ense when they arrive at the school check-in center.

  • ​Our ​Lafayette attendant will verify the license and check th​​e visitor into the school.​

  • When the visitor has been verified, the system will create a customized badge that includes the name, ​date, time and destination in the building​.​

  • ​Then, the visitor will wear this badge while in the building, allowing for easy identification of all guests.​​

What are the student procedures for late arrivals, dismissals and classrooms?

  • ​​​Students who arrive to school late will check-in on the visitor system.

  • Teachers will recieve an email notification as students move throughout the school - such as going to the library.

  • Students may use their Student ID card to scan in and verify their attendance. If they do not have their card, they can manually input their ID number.​​

Contact Principal Dr. Karen Calcaterra at (636) 733-4113​​ for information and input.