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Competition Structure


Our show is a preliminaries/finals format.  Performance order for the preliminaries is based on date of entry.  The only exception to this will be the previous year's grand champion will perform last in preliminary competition.​​

Divisions will be based on band size. We will mix the divisions together for the preliminary performances. The judging panel will not be aware of band classification prior to each preliminary performance.  The purpose is to have the bands judged on the merit of their performance regardless of class.

Ten bands will perform in Finals competition. These will be: 

  • The winners of each class   
  • The next 7 highest scoring bands regardless of class   
​Finalists will draw numbers to determine the order of finals.  The 5 lower scoring bands will draw for the first 5 spots and the 5 higher scoring bands will draw for the final 5 spots.
The breakdown of the scoring is as follows: 
Music Effect​​​20%
​Music Performance (Ensemble)​20%
​Music Performance (Individua​l)​10%
​Visual Effect​20%
Visual Performance (Ensemble)​​20%
​Visual Performance (Individual)​10%



Trophies will be awarded to the first, second, and third place bands in each Class (Black, White, and  Gold).   

Tro​phies will be awarded for the following captions in each class:
  • Outstanding Music Performance
  • Outstanding Visual Performance
  • Outstanding General Effect

All bands in Finals will receive a placement trophy.  The winner of the Finals Competition will also receive the traveling trophy. 

Trophies will be awarded for the following captions in each class:

  • Outstanding Music Performance​
  • Outstanding Visual Performance
  • Outstanding General Effect​​