Lafayette High
17050 Clayton Road, Wildwood, MO 63011
Phone 636-733-4100 . Fax 636-733-8819
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Interested in becoming a vendor at our Craft Fair?  Here's some reasons why you should!
* Our convenient location near Routes 100 and 109, and our plentiful parking
* Our perfect timing to capture holiday shoppers
* Our clean, well lit and efficiently organized event space, with free wifi
* Our vendor hospitality is unmatched - breakfast (breakfast sandwich and bottled water), discounted pre-order lunch delivered to your booth, band students with carts to help you load in and out, volunteers to watch your booth for short breaks.  We are known for our energetic, courteous and helpful band students!
* We advertise widely in print, social media, throughout the school district, on community calendars and noticeboards, and with school signage.
* Our costs are reasonable at $60 for a booth.
​​Please use link on the left to apply for a booth!​​​​​​