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Welcome to the Lafayette High School Science Department page.
For more detailed information about our LHS department, please follow the links provided to access individual teacher’s websites and Infinite Campus.

Helpful Information:

Communication: The best form of communication will be through email. However, you may also reach us during by calling (636) 733-4100 plus the extension (located on the right navigation).

The members of the Science Department encourage parents to contact them if they have a question or concern. Please note the directory on right navigation column that includes phone numbers, email addresses and links to our websites.

Infinite Campus: Remember that a student’s grades, assignments, progress reports and report cards can be viewed on Infinite Campus. Parents: Please be sure you establish an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account that will connect you to your child’s academic progress.

Extra Help: Do you need help with a specific subject? Students are encouraged to speak with their teacher about setting up time to get additional help. Parents are welcome to contact teachers to assist with this as well.

Curriculum: Our focus is for all students to achieve and succeed in the classroom. View the curriculum by subject matter on the Rockwood website.


Ecology-Fall semester
Physical Science-semester 1
Physics - Semester 1

 Science Staff Science636-733-4100 x44026campbellshannon@rsdmo.org Science636-733-4100 x44035deckertodd@rsdmo.org Science636-733-4100 x44041fischerroger@rsdmo.org Science636-733-4100 x44050hallcarrie@rsdmo.org Science636-733-4100 x44044holtmannscott@rsdmo.org Science636-733-4100 Science636-733-4100 x44064keillorjennifer@rsdmo.org Science636-733-4100 Science636-733-4100 x44078lofgrenchris@rsdmo.org Science636-733-4100 x44086marasiganmaria@rsdmo.org Science636-733-4100 x44089marxjeff@rsdmo.org Science636-733-4100 x44032overcashelizabeth@rsdmo.org Science636-733-4100 x44030posenaulauren@rsdmo.org Science636-733-4100 x44127villwockmagda@rsdmo.org Science636-733-4100 x43092whelangretchen@rsdmo.org Science636-733-4100 x26160wierjoseph@rsdmo.org