Explains how to find the MLA citation for any of the Gale databases (Global Issues, Opposing Viewpoints, Student Resources, and Gale Virtual Reference Library).
Explains how to find the MLA citation in any Salem database (History, Health, Science, or Literature).
Explains how to find the MLA citation in the SIRS database.
Explains how to cite an article found in any of the World Book Online encyclopedias.
Explains how to find the MLA ctitation for articles in the Ebsco databases.
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How to login to Destiny using your regular username and password.
How to use Destiny to find library books.
How to make personal reading lists in Destiny.
How to renew your library books for another two weeks.
A brief video on how to write and post reviews of books on Destiny.
How to make MLA citations in Easy Bib for a web page.
Using EasyBib to cite a whole book or a chapter or section of a book.
An example of citing an image from World Book Online in EasyBib.
Searching Ebsco Explora for a nonfiction article to support a paper on a value.
How to search on EBSCO Student Research Center for research papers.
How to research using Gale Student Resources in Context.
How to do a smarter Google search for research.
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