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Principal Dr. Mehrotra - Class of 2020
Jul 20
Sophomore Thomas Trout: Leadership Program with Missouri Chamber

There's no better way to develop leadership skills than to practice, practice, practice. That is exactly what Thomas Trout did while recently attending the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Leadership in Practice program. 

Thomas joined more than 120 high school students who were selected as future leaders from schools across the state.  Leadership in Practice is designed to provide young Missourians with the opportunity to learn what it takes to be an effective leader in their schools and communities.

​Great job Thomas!

Jun 05


  1. Parking at Lafayette High School is a privilege afforded to students possessing a valid driver's license.
  2. Parking on neighboring streets surrounding LHS is prohibited.
  3. Students are responsible for their parking permits at all times.  If the permit is misplaced, lost or stolen, the school will not replace the permit or issue a refund.  A replacement permit may be purchased at the established rate.  Permits will not be pro-rated throughout the year. 
  4. Parking permits must be visibly displayed in vehicles at all times when on the school parking lot.
  5. Students must park in student designated areas, no parking in Visitor or Staff parking spaces.  Maps of designated areas are posted at the Welcome Center and in Room 261.
  6. Loitering is not permitted on the parking lot before or after school.
  7. Students may park in marked spaces only.  Parking along curbs is prohibited.
  8. Students who need to go to their cars during the school day must first obtain permission from an administrator and be escorted to their cars.  Students leaving the building without permission are considered truant.
  9. Students leaving campus before the school day ends, must have received a valid office pass or they will be considered truant.


1.       Parking permits are non-transferable.  Permits may only be used by the person(s) to whom it is issued, and for only family owned vehicles that are properly registered.  Misuse of the permit will result in the permit being suspended or revoked and possible school discipline.

2.       Your parking permit must be visibly displayed forward from the rearview mirror; students will be issued a violation and fined $10, $20 or $30 progressively if permit is not displayed properly.  Continuation of parking violations may result in a ticket being issued by the St. Louis County Police for illegal parking or disciplinary action by LHS administration.

3.       Your parking permit may be suspended or revoked, a fine charged and/or school discipline received for the following infractions.

  1. Reckless driving; either on the parking lot or on the streets surrounding LHS.
  2. Illegal or unauthorized use of the parking permit
  3. Speeding; anything over 10 mph
  4. Failure to stop when directed by school personnel
  5. Improper parking or parking in restricted areas
  6. Driving in any manner that could endanger the safety of any person on the lot.

4.       The administration reserves the right to revoke a permit at any time.


  1. All rules for single parking spaces apply to shared parking spaces.
  2. Only two students are allowed to share a parking space.
  3. An application must be submitted by both students sharing a space.
  4. Payment must be made in full for the space before either parking permit is issued to the students.  Each student will receive their own permit for their vehicle. 
  5. Only one car will be allowed on the lot each day.  If both students must drive on the same day, then one must purchase a day pass and park in the overflow parking spaces, 296-309.  The day pass must be purchased in Room 261 the day before, or by 8am on the day it is needed.​
May 24
The Freedom School says THANK YOU!

​Thank you to all of our Freshmen students and parents from the Freedom School in University School.  Yesterday Dr. Mehrotra with the help of some amazing parents and students, delivered all 2, 550 books to the school in University City.  To say they were thrilled is an understatement.  

​This could not have been done without the strong leadership of our freshment students! 


May 22


​May 22, 23, 24, 25

Monday, May 22, 2017

        Period 5 Final                        8:16 – 10:16

        Rest of the day follow 2016 – 2017  5th hour Final Exam Schedule

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

        Period 1 Final             8:16 – 10:16

        Period 2 Final               10:26 – 12:26

        School Dismissed    12:26 – No Lunch

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

        Period 3 Final         8:16 – 10:16

        Period 4 Final        10:26 – 12:26

        School Dismissed   12:26 – No Lunch

Thursday, May 25, 2017

        Period 6 Final      8:16 – 10:16

        Period 7 Final     10:26 – 12:26

        School Dismissed 12:26 – No Lunch

May 17
Books for a Cause WINNER!
Ms. Ingram's first hour class is the DONUT PARTY WINNER! 

Ms. Ingram's first hour class collected OVER 400 books!

Our Freshmen class will be donating  over 2,550 books to
two schools in St. Louis City.

Thanks to the leadership of our Freshmen Advisory and all of the students who participated  - far surpassing our goal of 1,000 books!
May 16

Final Exemption forms are due by 4:00 today - MAY 16, 2017​.

​No exceptions!

May 15


Remind your student to get their form signed today and turned into the Freshmen Office ASAP.

May 12

Official Locker Check Out Time for Freshmen:

Tuesday, May 16 during 6th hour

​Freshmen will be released from 6th hour over the inter com and will be asked to go to their locker.  When you have your locker cleaned (remove tape, stickers, stands, etc.) ask an Administrator to check it out for you.  Once an Administrator has signed off on the locker the student will go back to class.  The students will be able to use their locker until the last day of school.


Please begin cleaning your locker NOW so that when we have our official locker check out you will be ready!  Cleaning supplies are available.

 Encourage your student to empty their locker on MONDAY, 5/15!

If you have any questions, please stop by or call the Freshmen Office.

May 09
Final Exemption Form Available

Freshmen are allowed to exempt one final second semester.  

​Exemption forms are available in all grade level offices.  You can also click here to access the form:  ​Exemption FORM 2nd Semester 2017.pdf

The student must have an "A" in the course in which he/she is applying for exemption from the final exam at the time of the final exam.  It is the student's responsibility to confirm his/her "A" average prior to the day of the final exam.  Failure to take an exam in a course in which the semester average drops below an "A" will result in a zero grade on the final exam.  The student cannot request exemption from a different exam if he/she does not qualify for the original requested exemption.


May 9, 2017 Students may begin picking up forms in grade‑level offices. 

May 16, 2017 Students must have completed forms signed by teacher and turned in to their grade‑level offices by 4:00 p.m.

May 08

Our Freshmen Service Project:


has been extended due to the obvious flood of last week!

Please encourage your freshman student to bring

donated BOOKS to their Language Arts Class.

DONUTS for the WINNING classroom!


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