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Dec 26
Wishing you peace, love and joy from the Lafayette Administrative Team this Holiday Season......

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Dec 26
Lafayette Student Artists' of the Month-December

Please help me in recognizing the following​ students:


Art Fundamentals: Olivia Laves, 10

Graphic Design: Trini Gammill, 10

Painting: Jenna Quist, 10

Drawing: James Truong, 12

Photography: Jordyn Terry, 12

Ceramics: Emily Reid, 12​​

Dec 26
Celebrating Our Students!

2017 Renaissance Departmental Student of the Quarter: “2nd Quarter” 

Sponsored by Penn Station

Throughout the school year each department at LHS will be asked to give an extra special recognition to one student who has stood out above the rest.  Each department was allowed to use their own criteria to choose their student.

If you see these students please congratulate them on this special award.

FACS:  Margarita Hoffman

 Rita is a huge asset to the FACS Department.  She is currently a Cadet for Fashion Construction 1, where she assists students on a daily basis and helps with departmental tasks.  She even comes in during her study hall to help out when she has time.  Rita has a wealth of sewing knowledge and works well with her peers.


Junior Class:  Kelli Rinkenberger

 Kelli is new to Lafayette this year and has jumped into the school taking multiple challenging classes at the AP/WG level, as well as participating in Cross Country and Choir.  She has worked very hard to experience success in each of these areas and has paved the way for a bright future


PE: Jill Wipke

 Jill Wipke is PE student of the quarter because she is taking two PE classes and exemplary in every way:  always prepared, enthusiastic, helpful to staff, and most importantly Jill is very kind to others.  Instead of Jill using her athleticism and talent to dominate others she encourages others and makes teammates feel valuable regardless of skill of level.  She is a wonderful role model for students and staff alike!


Language Arts:  Noah Chapin

 Noah is a brilliant and witty writer. His strong and vast vocabulary make his writing both insightful and entertaining. Teachers appreciate his work ethic, kindness, and general good-natured attitude.​​

Nov 12
Congratulations Lafayette Band and Orchestra Students

Please join me in congratulating the following band students named to the 2017-18 All-Suburban Band.  They will audition for the All-State Band on December 2, 2017.

Katie Locke - Flute (11th Chair)
Sarah Locke - Clarinet (19th Chair)
Sammy Lawson - Bass Clarinet (1st Alternate)
Emily Dobson - Alto Saxophone (5th chair)
Liam Newman - Baritone Saxophone (1st Chair Concert & Jazz Band)
Andy Min - Trumpet (8th Chair)
Grace Kirtley - French Horn (5th Chair)
Geoff Ladue - Trombone (1st Chair)
Noah Korenfeld - Trombone (2nd Chair)
Rachel Blankenship - Trombone (4th Chair)
Drew Leslie - Baritone (1st Chair)​


Please join me in congratulating the following orchestra students named to the 2017-18 All-Suburban High School Honor Orchestra. The concert is Saturday, January 6 at 4:00 PM, Ritenour High School. They will join some fine musicians from all around the region for a great concert!

Rahul Suresh Kanna - violin
Karena Wong - violin
Emily Budde - cello
Kyle Yerby - cello​

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Nov 12
Lafayette Student Artists' of the Month-November

Art Fundamentals:  Kate Blythe, 9
Graphic Design: Damian de Ugarte, 11
Painting: Callie Harrison, 10
Drawing: Erin Thorley, 9
Photography:Eli Chor, 11

Ceramics: Rachel Ferguson, 12​


Oct 31
Lafayette Halloween Spirit!

Hello Lafayette!  Today was an exciting day full of school spirit and excitement.  Our Culinary Arts class worked on carving pumpkins.  Our students are very creative and were quite focused on their designs.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

​In addition, our very own LHS staff participates in an annual costume constest sponsored by our Renaissance program.  I hope you enjoy their clever costumes.  Our students LOVE seeing their teachers contribute to our school spirit.  Lafayette truly is an amazing place to be!​







Oct 30
LHS Canned Food Drive-Together we CAN!

​​Lafayette Families,

​The holiday season is upon us and the LHS community has always had a strong tradition of giving.  Our canned food drive starts October 31 and will run until November 30th.  Our generous collections will support Circle of Concern and our own Rockwood food pantry program, "Got Your Backpack".  I am humbled and grateful for the kindness and generosity that is continually displayed in our community.



Dr. Karen Calcaterra​-Principal


Oct 16
Celebrating Our Amazing Students!

2017 Renaissance Departmental Student of the Quarter: “1st Quarter”


Sponsored by Penn Station


Throughout the school year each department at LHS will be asked to give an extra special recognition to one student who has stood out above the rest.  For the “first quarter” of the school year students will receive “Free subs for a quarter” from Penn Station for their achievements.  Each department was allowed to use their own criteria to choose their student.

At Lafayette, it is important to us to recognize and celebrate the amazing things our students do in and out of our classrooms.


If you see these students please congratulate them on this special award.


Science Department:  Marissa Gianino

Marissa Gianino has been a model student in all three of my biomedical PLTW electives and has also done well in her core sciences;  Biology, Chemistry, and AP Biology.


Senior Class:  Jacob Kreiger

 Jacob is an awesome young man with a heart of gold.  You will often see Jacob cheering on his friends at sporting events and laughing in the hallways with them.  I can always rely on Jacob to have a funny story or lighten any mood.  When I think about students who epitomize the qualities of a Lancer, Jacob easily comes to mind.  He is a true and loyal friend who is kind to all those he meets.  I have enjoyed watching Jacob come into his own this year, and I look forward to what the future holds for him.

ROTC: Christian Lewis

It is our pleasure to submit this recommendation for Department Student of the Quarter on behalf of Christian Lewis.  We would like to assure you that a quality, take charge, self-motivated individual is being nominated.  Christian has become the type of person we rely on to volunteer for school or community service.  Giving back is a big part of the “service before self” core value of Junior ROTC.  A shining example was the homecoming parade.  While everyone else enjoyed tailgating, the game and numerous other festivities, Christian volunteered to help Sue Jessen and her crew pick up trash until 9:00 p.m. Incredible selflessness!  In our numerous other events, Christian is a constant presence and always anxious to do more in making these initiatives successful.  It’s a great example for his fellow cadet students.  This type of leadership impression normally takes much longer to develop.  Christian was chosen not only for the aforementioned reasons, but also for his many other outstanding characteristics.  His subtle sense of humor, respect for authority, enthusiasm, politeness, self-discipline, humility, drive and energy only scratch the surface of his impressive traits.


Visual Arts:  Lily Glazer

We are nominating Lily Glazer because of her caring and compassionate nature towards the LHS faculty and her fellow students. She has touched and enriched the lives of others, particularly those students who are vulnerable or less able to help themselves.  Lily always is there to lend a helping hand, and she does it with a bright smile.  She has the respect of her peers and is a role model in the classroom.  Lily demonstrates ongoing initiative, leadership, positive attitude, creativity, and dedication daily.  As a cadet teacher, she is awesome!  She is so responsible and helpful, she's become more of a "departmental cadet" - completing projects, setting up and taking down artwork for displays, and putting her astoundingly beautiful hand-lettering to good use.  Lily is a joy to be around and we couldn't be more proud to have her in the department!

Performing Arts: Zach Wehling

 Zach Wehling is involved in choir, orchestra and music theory.  In addition he participates in Lafayette's acappella choir, Vox Solus. 

Zach is an outstanding musician who shares his enthusiasm throughout the music department.  He is a leader in each of his classes and demonstrates above average music ability.  He asks poignant questions that help focus the learning taking place in the classroom.

He excels in extra-curricular activities.  For instance, he was recently accepted into the All-Suburban 9-10 Honor Choir.  He is a reliable student citizen and maintains the highest standards in all of his classes and activities.  


Guidance: Logan Jones

 Logan is our 6th hour office aide and has never come in without a smile.  He is always so willing to help us in any way he can.  He jumps in and helps other offices as well whenever he is needed.  Logan is so friendly and often greets students as they come in and starts up a conversation.  He is a kind,  caring individual and we are so lucky to have him in our office. 

Oct 11
Lafayette Student Artists' of the Month-October

​L​afayette High School has some amazing artists!  Please help me in congratulating the following students:

Art Fundamentals-  Eileen Kosola, 12

Graphic Design- Mollie Rogan, 12

Painting- Jordan Hunter, 10

Drawing- Rachel Brown, 9

Photography- Elicia Malak, 12






Oct 10
Gratitude to the Lafayette School Community

It's hard to believe that we are in October with our winter season rapidly approaching. It's been a busy school year, and we've had many amazing events happen already in such a short time together.  We started the year with a new STEM wing that includes 13 classrooms, we've witnessed a total solar eclipse together as a school, and last week we celebrated our Lafayette community with homecoming events and school traditions.

Each and every day, I am inspired by our amazing students - your children. I celebrate and cherish all of the outstanding things we accomplish in and out of the classroom. I firmly believe that our capacity to care for one another, to listen, learn and grow – even when times are tough – makes Lafayette an incredible place for kids. I am so proud to be your principal.

We have some great events on the horizon. We will be hosting parent/teacher conferences on Wednesday, Oct. 11, and Thursday, Oct. 19.  I, along with our staff, look forward to welcoming you to our school as we share all the wonderful things our students are learning.  


I walk by this sign in our school hallway every day. It's true! Working together as partners between school and home, we can offer the very best for our kids. They deserve nothing less from us. Please know I'm here for you if you have a question, a concern, or something to share.

With gratitude,

​Dr. Karen Calcaterra
Lafayette High School

​​Karen Calcaterra