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Grading and Reporting

​​At Marquette High School, we understand that the purpose of grading and reporting is to do the following:

  • Communicate achievement based on a variety of assessment methods given over time and aligned to curricular standards
  • Indicate a student’s level of achievement in meeting district curricular standards and non-academic indicators which support that achievement
  • Provide opportunities for parents to understand a student’s progress in ​order to establish mutual goals and identify needed support

The mission of Rockwood School District is to ensure that all students realize their full potential. Policy/Regulation 6450: Grading and Reporting provides the structure to support educators in fulfilling this mission. The academic indicators outlined within the regulation address the need to attend to this work. Equally important, students must learn and possess skills that prepare them for college, career and citizenship, thus the emphasis on non-academic indicators in Regulation 6450.