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Visitor Management

​​​​​​​​​​Marquette High School implemented a new visitor management system in 2017.  This new security system offers a fast, simple way to electronically register and review individuals who visit our school. It will ​streamline our​ check-in process. 

What is staying the same?

Providing a safe, secure school is always a priority for Marquette High School. We will continue to use the following safety practices:

  • Door-access technology requires visitors to buzz-in to the school office before entering the school.
  • Visitor check-in centers are located at the entrance of our school.
  • Security cameras monitor the building and parking lots.
  • School resource officers patrol our buildings.
  • All exterior doors are locked.
  • All visitors wear Identification badges.​​

What is new?

Marquette started using a new online visitor management system.  Please note the following additions to our safety protocols this year:

  • Visitors will be asked to provide a driver's license when they arrive at the school check-in center.
  • Our MHS security attendant will quickly scan the license, which will automatically populate an enrollment screen, gather any additional information, and check the person into the school.
  • During this screening process, the system will scan a nationally compiled sex offender database.
  • When the visitor is cleared, the system will create a customized badge that includes the name, photo, date, time, and destination in the building.
  • Then, the visitor will wear this badge while in the building, allowing for easy identification of all guests. ​

Contact Principal Dr. Greg Mathison at (636) 891-6000 for information and input.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to scan my driver's license before I enter the school?
No. Visitors may request to complete the visitor form manually, if they are more comfortable using this approach. Our security attendant will be happy to assist with this manual process.

What happens to the information after the license is scanned?
The information being collected from the scan is directory information. It is stored locally and not shared with anyone else.

What security procedures are part of this visitor management system being piloted?
The system checks a federal sex offender database.  Law prohibits registered sex offenders to be on our campus. The federal registry is a public domain that anyone can search.