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​All the information you need to know to create a profile, upload your current physical (must be dated 7/1/18 or later for the 2019-20 school year) and check on start-of-season dates is located below.

Please scroll down ​

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We are very excited about this new method of storing and accessing important info in case of emergencies and following MSHSAA guidelines in terms of physicals, concussion info, insurance, etc.  It will also allow, most importantly, our coaches, trainer and sponsors easy and quick access in case of emergency at games and events.  If you have questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us here at the MHS Activities Office at 636-891-6037. ​

The old method of turning in paper copies of your physicals (which must be dated 7/1/2018 or later to be valid) and emergency forms will now be done completely online and paperless via a company ( we have partnered with to give parents, participants and coaches computer and phone app access to emergency info and record storage.  Please click on the following link we have set up with Privit to allow you to set up and access your child's account:

For a complete set of instructions on how to enter your data and upload a copy of your physical, please take note of the step-by-step instructions by clicking HE​RE

The process should take you about 15-30 minutes to complete and the app involved is free.  Once your info is in and you have chosen the sport(s) and/or activities your son or daughter wants to try to participate in, the info stays i​n the system throughout their MHS career.  You will only have to upload a new, valid physical each year and update contact info or insurance info as they might change.

RETURNING PRIVIT PARTICIPANTS:  You must still upload a valid physical (dated 7/1/18 or later), declare for all sport(s) or band/guard and click 'yes' to all the informational entries you previously filled out in order to be eligible to participate for any 2018-2019 sports and band/guard activities.​
IMPORTANT NOTE:  All students (whether in sports/activities or not) must continue to turn in immunization forms to their school nurse and alert the nurse to any health changes as they occur.

SUMMER DEAD PERIOD:  Saturday, June 29-Sunday, July 7
FALL:  Monday, August 12, 2019
WINTER:  Monday, November 4, 2019 (Boys/Girls Basketball & Wrestling) & Monday, November 11, 2019 (Girls Swim/Dive)
SPRING:  Monday, March 2, 2020

*Check with individual sports' coaches on practice details.  Coaches' emails can be found in the 'Teams' link on the left side of this web page.  ​

Activity Hotline​

To check status of games due to inclement weather, please call the Activity Hotline at
(636) 891-6048

Have a health question about Marquette Sports and Activites? 
Contact Matt Petersen - MHS Athletic Trainer by clicking HERE





(FOR ALL ACTIVITIES THAT COMPETE IN MSHSAA-SPONSORED COMPETITIONS including Mustang sports, cheer, poms & marching band​)


​****Students must be enrolled in and successfully earn credit in at least 3.0 units of credit (6 classes) each SEMESTER.  Incoming freshmen are automatically eligible for the fall semester.  (Summer school classes MAY be used to earn up to 1.0 units of credit towards eligibility for first semester for certain classes.  Check with the Activities Director to see if a class would qualify.)

****All students must adhere to the Rockwood Citizenship Policy (available within the link below-'Activities and Athletics Guideline Handbook').  This includes conduct both in and out of school, as well as in and out of season for their activity/sport.  Students and parents/guardians are responsible for making the Activities Director aware of any violations with law enforcement.


Go to the area above this blue box on this page where the Privit process is explained in detail in order to submit your MSHSAA-mandated physical and emergency information online.  Two important details with this submission:

1.  Your physical you upload to Privit must be dated 2/1/2018 or later in order for it to be considered valid.

2.  You must complete the online Privit process before attending the first day of tryouts/practice in order to participate.




For information about athletic scholarships and college recruiting, use these links.​​


Physical Examination Form.pdfPhysical Examination Form
MSHSAA Concussion Information Packet (Read Only).pdfMSHSAA Concussion Information Packet (Read Only)
Athletics Emergency Medical Form.pdfAthletics Emergency Medical Form
Activities and Athletics Guidelines Handbook.pdfActivities and Athletics Guidelines Handbook
Explorer Issues.pdfExplorer Issues
Important Concussion Information for Students and Parents.pdfImportant Concussion Information for Students and Parents
Mustang Tweets-directions.pdfMustang Tweets-directions
NCAA College-Bound Student Athletes.pdfNCAA College-Bound Student Athletes
Out-of-Town or Overnight Travel With Nurse Field Trip Agreement and Student Information Form.pdfOut-of-Town or Overnight Travel With Nurse Field Trip Agreement and Student Information Form
PRIVIT-Marquette High School Parent Instructions.pdfPRIVIT-Marquette High School Parent Instructions
School Locator Guide.pdfSchool Locator Guide