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Gifted Education

Greetings from the Marquette Gifted Education Resource Teachers! 

What do we do?

We want to welcome our new incoming freshmen and wish you an exciting year ahead.  We currently have 465 gifted students at MHS and see them each a minimum of twice a year in our office.  In addition, we meet with teachers, counselors, and parents throughout the year to support our gifted students​.  Please do not hesitate to contact us!

What can we help you with?

  • Connect students with guidance and college counselors
  • provide a quiet place to work, talk, or just breathe  
  • Provide a small group setting for lunch
  • help students choose activities
  • provide information on time management and organization
  • Help with being overwhelmed in high school
  • help with anxiety and perfectionism 
  • Write recommendation letters