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Principal 2021 - Tracey Waeckerle

Jan 03
Spring Break Opportunity

Dear Parents,


I wanted to inform you of a unique opportunity for Marquette students over Spring Break.  As you may know, the past seven years over 1000 Marquette students and staff have given part of their Spring Break to help restore/improve the communities of Houston, TX, Apalachicola, FL, Detroit, MI, Conway, AR, Joplin, MO, and Washington, IL, after natural disasters that struck each of those communities. Students who attended the trip had an amazing time. This year we will be going to Port St. Joe and Mexico Beach, FL (in the panhandle, approximately 30 miles west of Panama City). The area was devastated by Hurricane Michael and needs help badly. Our work will focus on restoring properties for individuals who were under/uninsured and beautifying local parks, community centers, and the downtown area.


One of the perks of this trip is that while students will be involved in serving people who truly need their help, they will still be able to enjoy part of their spring break; we will only be gone five nights (March 16-21).   Students will spend their days serving the communities impacted by the hurricane and their late afternoon/early evening relaxing on the beach in the Gulf of Mexico.  In addition to significant beach time, we will be treated to a traditional seafood boil and we will visit Panama City Beach as well.


Our first meeting is Wednesday, January 23rd, at 7:30 P.M., in the Marquette Theater. Parents are encouraged to attend the meeting. I believe so much in the trip that, as in the past, I am volunteering to chaperone with other Marquette staff. I hope we will have another overwhelming response for this trip as I think it will be a memorable event for everyone involved. We will have a maximum of 220 spots for students and last time we went to Florida, the trip sold out within two hours of the initial offering. 


The cost for this year’s trip is still being calculated but is expected to be approximately $400, which includes all meals, lodging, transportation, and all activities. Financial aid and payment plans will be available for those in need (please let me know in advance of the meeting if you need more information about financial aid). We will begin taking reservations/payment immediately following the meeting. Please encourage your student to attend. In addition to the opportunity to do something to help communities in need, community service opportunities like this look great on college and scholarship applications and serve as a powerful essay topic.


If you cannot attend the meeting, please send me an email. I will be happy to get information to you at the conclusion of the meeting if spaces on the trip or waiting list are available.


Please let me know if you have any questions!



Dan Ramsey

Aug 15
Block - B and C Days

Zero Hour (meets Tuesday-Friday) 7:20- 8:22

First Hour/Second Hour 8:28- 10:12

Third Hour/Fourth Hour 10:18- 12:32

First lunch 11:07-11:37 (Bell at 11:33)

Second lunch 11:37-12:08 (Bell at 12:04)

Third lunch 12:08-12:38 (Bell at 12:32)

Fifth Hour/Sixth Hour 12:38-  2:22

Seventh Hour   2:28-  3:17

Aug 15
Standard A Day Schedule
Zero Hour (meets Tuesday-Friday) 7:20- 8:22​               
First Hour   8:28- 9:17

Second Hour   9:23-10:12

Third Hour 10:18-11:07

Fourth Hour 11:13-12:32

First lunch 11:07-11:37 (Bell at 11:33)

Second lunch 11:37-12:08 (Bell at 12:04)

Third lunch 12:08-12:38 (Bell at 12:32)

Fifth Hour 12:38-  1:27

Sixth Hour   1:33-  2:22

Seventh Hour   2:28-  3:17

Aug 15
Early Release Bell Schedule

​                                        Early Release Bell Schedule

 First Hour     8:28 - 8:47

 Second Hour     8:53 - 9:12

 Third Hour     9:18 - 9:37

 Fifth Hour                    9:43 - 10:02

 Sixth Hour    10:08 - 10:27

 Fourth Hour    10:33 - 11:51

First lunch 10:27 – 10:57 (Bell at 10:53)

Second lunch 11:57 – 11:27 (Bell at 11:23)

Third lunch 11:27 – 11:57 (Bell at 11:51)

Seventh Hour    11:57 - 12:16

Aug 15
Late Start Bell Schedule

Late Start Monday Bell Schedule

    First Hour     9:58 - 10:32

    Second Hour   10:38 - 11:12

    Third Hour   11:18 - 11:52

  Fourth Hour                 11:58 -  1:17

First lunch 11:52 - 12:22 (Bell at 12:18)

Second lunch 12:22 - 12:53 (Bell at 12:49)

Third lunch 12:53 -   1:23 (Bell at   1:17)

    Fifth Hour       1:23 - 1:57

    Sixth Hour       2:03 - 2:37

    Seventh Hour       2:43 - 3:17

Aug 07
Welcome Back Class Of 2021!

​I hope everyone had a fun and restful summer.  I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday August 14th for the start of a new school year​. ​​ One of our biggest changes this year is our new Bell Schedule. Remember, all students are on the same ABC schedule this year so you will all have some standard days and some block days.  Please stop by the Sophomore Office, Room 201, with any questions.

See you soon!

-Mrs. Waeckerle

A Day Bell Schedule for the First Day of School

Zero Hour (Tuesday-Friday)7:20 - 8:22
1st Hour8:28 - 9:17
2nd Hour9:23 - 10:12
3rd Hour10:18 - 11:07
4th Hour11:13 - 12:32
1st Lunch
11:07 - 11:37 (Bell at 11:33)
2nd Lunch
11:37 - 12:08 (Bell at 12:04)
3rd Lunch
12:08 - 12:38 (Bell at 12:32)
5th Hour12:38 - 1:27
6th Hour1:33 - 2:22
7th Hour2:28 - 3:17