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Eureka High Freshmen Gauntlet Welcomes New Students

A female high school student high-fives an incoming freshmen arriving for student orientation.

Student members of the E-crew greet ninth-graders as they arrive at student
orientation and the annual freshmen gauntlet, Aug. 9.​

Members of the Eureka High School class of 2022 turned out for new student orientation and the annual Freshmen Gauntlet, Aug. 9. 

After being greeted outside by upperclassmen with high-fives and hugs, students made their way through a friendly gauntlet of teachers and administrators who greeted them, applauded, and told the ninth-graders they are glad they are here. 

Principal Charlie Crouther said Eureka High has 450 incoming freshmen this year. 

"We're trying to relieve a lot of their anxiety and make them feel welcome," said Crouther.  

Freshman Fiona Hynes said, "It was impressive, and they all had a lot of energy in welcoming us. It shows that Eureka is going to be fun and exciting." 

Fiona's classmate, Bella Gustafson, agreed. 

"It shows that we're important to them and they're getting excited for the new freshmen coming in," said Gustafson. "It made me feel a lot more welcome and less nervous." 

Eureka High junior Jackie Osias is a member of the E-crew. She said E-crew members planned activities and games for the friendly freshmen gauntlet. 

​"As a freshman, you're super nervous for high school," said Osias. "This is a good way to integrate into a new situation and feel more comfortable. We hope this helps them learn their way around and feel like they have somebody to look up to." ​

High school teachers applaud as new students walk past them during student orientation.A high school teacher holds out both hands for high-fives as new students attending student orientation walk by.

  Eureka High staff members turned out to welcome new students during the annual freshmen gauntlet.