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LaSalle Springs Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Raise Awareness


​LaSalle Springs students used skits to raise awareness about bullying 
and encourage other students to take a stand against it.​

Twenty-seven LaSalle Springs seventh and eighth-grade students performed skits in front of their peers during grade-level assemblies, April 12. Their goal was to raise awareness and encourage them to speak up against bullying. 

Brooklyn B., an eighth-grade student, serves as one of the school's anti-bullying ambassadors. 

"Our skits show an example of how bullying can happen in school and how we can respond," said Brooklyn. "My group showed different social groups and demonstrated how they can sometimes clash and not interact well together. We need to fix that. We hope they take a message of kindness and inclusion to make everyone feel welcome. We want to encourage everyone to be kind and make our schools and world a better place." 

Examples of different types of bullying students demonstrated include physical, social, verbal and cyberbullying. 

Noah P., another eighth-grade student and anti-bullying ambassador, said, "I was a part of the verbal bullying group. I thought it was cool to show everyone that this is wrong." 

Teacher Sarah Harashe and counselor Alice Patton provide support to the ambassadors.  

Harashe said, "Our LaSalle Springs anti-bullying ambassadors came to us at the culmination of trainings for the elementary feeder schools and decided that after the successful kindness week they put on first semester, they would like to do even more with this charge before the school year ended." 

At the end of the assembly, the anti-bullying leaders distributed kindness pencils. They also recorded an informational presentation that was shown during all advisory classes. 

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