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National Arts in Education Week in Rockwood


​​​​​​It's National Arts in Education Week, a time to celebrate the role of arts education in helping to produce engaged, successful and college and career-ready students. Produced by AMPED students, all Rockwood fine arts teachers will receive a t-shirt that reads, "What's your story?" with #RockwoodArtsEd. 

Rockwood Coordinator of Fine Arts Megan Meier explains the campaign. 

"We are challenging Rockwood staff and students to share a story about what the arts mean to them," said Meier. "This year, we choose to share stories instead of statistics." 

Rockwood theater teacher Natasha Fischer shares her story. 

"I'm always telling my students we can change lives through art and really get people to see others in a different light, as well as learn tolerance through the arts," said Fischer. 

Meier notes the importance of the challenge. 

"At times there have been movements to justify the arts in education by citing how they will make you smarter or healthier or more well-rounded," said Meier.  "While there is plenty of research to support all of those claims, they are not the primary reason most people pursue the arts.  The arts have a transformative impact on our lives, our schools and our communities." 

She added, "I am grateful that the Rockwood School District celebrates National Arts in Education Week and supports our arts programs so well. Our students are quite fortunate!" 

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