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New School Counselors Added as part of Superintendent Knost's Safety Review

A woman and man sit at a table in a classroom setting focused on an off-camera presentation.

New school counselors participate in training the week before a new school year 
begins in Rockwood. Learn more about the work of Rockwood school counselors.

At the beginning of the school year, new Rockwood school counselors are receiving training in conjunction with Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost's Report on Safety, launched in February 2018​

Knost said, "We are living through a time where it is more important than ever to have multiple champions for our children. Guidance counselors play an integral role in the success of our students and their abilities to thrive. These additional champions are a needed and welcome change." 

​Rockwood Coordinator K-12 School Counseling Todd Minichiello said training for new counselors includes student risk assessment and crisis intervention. 

Minichiello said, "As part of Dr. Knost's security plan, we have added additional counselors, therapists and social-emotional support staff at every level, especially middle school. We believe this will help build better relationships in our schools and improve overall student safety. We're being very proactive." 

Minichiello said Rockwood has also instituted grade-level counselors in middle schools. 

"Often times, when you have two counselors in a middle school, they divide their time and attention among three grade levels," he said. "We want to have one sixth-grade counselor, one seventh-grade counselor and one eighth-grade counselor. That way counselors can be specifically devoted to one group of students."