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Rockwood Celebrates Public School Volunteer Week


Public School Volunteer Week is April 16-20. 

The Rockwood school community appreciates our devoted volunteers who help assist with classroom and school activities and ensure success for our students.

​We asked our grade-level Teachers of the Year how volunteers make a difference in classrooms. 

Here's what they had to say:​​​

"Parents are such a rich resource in education and their work in the building is important to the growth of students. Open communication between the home and the classroom provides a wealth of information that is useful in the learning process. In the recent past, I was fortunate enough to have a parent who makes her living as an artist. She came and spoke to my AP Studio class about how she sells her art and the business side of things. She wasn't the first or the last artist to visit my classroom, but what made the experience truly rich was how the students knew of her children and their family."

Lauren Sakowski
Art teacher, Lafayette High
High School Teacher of the Year

"Parent volunteers are a huge asset to classroom teachers. One time, a dad taught a mini lesson about trial vocabulary, questioning, and preparation to my students. It was perfect. The kids were attentive. I learned a lot, and the parent volunteer enjoyed the experience so much that he's already offered his expertise in the future. A special heartfelt thank you to parents who partner with classroom teachers for the benefit of Rockwood students."

Lori Kitrel
Language Arts teacher, LaSalle Springs Middle
Middle School Teacher of the Year


"Learning and exploration can only be built upon a bedrock of unconditional love and support.  This foundation is drastically strengthened when parents are actively involved in their child's growth.  When children understand that they are loved and supported unconditionally both in and out of the classroom, they are more apt to take chances and explore new avenues.  It allows them to discover their unique interests and develop into the leaders of tomorrow.  Thus parents play a key role in the success of our future generation by unlocking the unbridled potential of each child."

Dan Pozzo
Fifth-grade teacher, Westridge Elementary
Elementary Teacher of the Year