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Rockwood Project Interface Students Design Solutions at Engineering Firm

A high school-age male student sits at a desk, with his right hand on the keyboard, facing two computer monitors.

​As part of the PIE Project Interface program​, Rockwood high school student
interns studied engineering at EFK Moen.

This summer two Rockwood high school seniors are hoping to reduce the effects of flooding on the district. 

Lafayette High senior Emma Hoeft, and Eureka High senior Anish Tewani have been working with civil engineering design consulting firm EFK Moen to design an efficient water displacement at Eureka High School. The students are part of Project Interface, a Partners in Education (PIE) internship opportunity that places qualified seniors in a specific career area. 

"The solutions we found include rain gardens from bio-retention and pervious pavement. That's pavement with pores in it, allowing water to be absorbed into the ground," Tewani said. 

Tewani and Hoeft determined these solutions by considering what would be the most cost effective measure. They compared the cost of the solutions to the cost to repair the school after flooding to see if the solution was worth it. 

"We found the square footage of the parking lot in certain areas where there might be the most water, and where we could implement those solutions," Hoeft said. 

Both Tewani and Hoeft said they have learned a lot from their experience with EFK Moen. 

"We've learned how to use many different engineering programs, and how to use different types of technology to our advantage," Tewani said. 

Hoeft added, "Staff members' vast knowledge and experience, plus showing us examples from past projects, have helped us realize which of our proposed solutions is realistic or timely." 

Hoeft said her experience at EFK Moen has been very enlightening. 

"It's definitely convinced me that I do want to go into engineering, said Hoeft. "It also taught me communications skills and time management." 

Project Interface Coordinator Kim Litzau said she thinks the experience is important in helping students focus their efforts. 

"I hope our students walk away with improved communication skills and a realization either that yes, it is a career they're interested in, or just as powerful, that it is not," said Litzau. "They can eliminate that career choice and move forward with other interests." 

--by Nicole Gutierrez, student intern with Project Interface and the Rockwood Partners in Education program​. ​​