Rockwood School District
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Presidents' Forum

President's Forum is a group of parent leaders who work together to shape, grow and support the mission of Rockwood School District. It's all about helping kids thrive at home and at school.

They strive to find innovative ways to support students and facilitate meaningful communication between parents, schools and administrators.

Some topics discussed include fund raising, school activities, district objectives and planning for the future. An open exchange of information is a central goal. ​


Read the bylaws of this pa​​rent organization. The Forum is organized and separately incorporated in accorda​nce with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in order to serve as the financial umbrella organization for PTOs.​​​


 2017-2018 Executive Officers


Gina J​​e​nsen
(314) 223-6141

Angie Ortinau
(314) 581-6991​​​​

Vice President

Kary Bachert​
(314) 302-9065​​​​


Dawn Hagen
(314) 606-0049​​


Amy Buckley

(636) 422-8923