Rockwood Thunder Volleyball Club
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On and Off the Court!
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Club Philosophy

Rockwood Thunder Volleyball Club exists to build and enhance the lives of youth and junior athletes and their families through a full spectrum of volleyball based on technical, mental, physical training and character development.

Guiding Principles

  1. Rockwood Thunder Volleyball Club is a select Volleyball Club whose primary guiding principles surround the creation of a strong, flexible foundation, framework for an athlete's character and childhood development into their formative teenage years.
  2. Emphasis lies on self-reliant discipline and goal setting, developed alongside increasing independence and accountability for actions on and off the court.
  3. Our development and guidance of this young athlete's character is achieved through diligent training of the biomechanically sound volleyball technique, inclusion within a club family with individual athletic responsibility towards a team's goals, and team performance under pressure of high profile competition.
  4. As a club, we strongly feel there are invaluable lessons to be learned by athletes and parents through successes and failures in the practice gym as well as the performance stage-lessons that serve and enable the adolescent to manage life as young adults.
  5. Through all that the club aims to provide, the ever present principle of playing youth sports remains - nuturing the passion and love of volleyball.