Rockwood Thunder Volleyball Club
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​​​​​​​​​Rockwood Thunder promotes volleyball as a lifelong sport through a full spectrum of volleyball offerings for athletes at all levels.

Club Team Program  

U10-U18 Competitive Program
A competitive program where teams are formed and divided by age and skill level. Teams compete in multiple tournaments during the season both in and out of state.  Learn more.

Youth Programs 

Volley Totz (U6-U7)
An introductory program for boys and girls in kindergarten and 1st grade - that focuses on developing technique, coordination, core strength and agility.  Learn more.

U8 Program
This 8 class co-ed program centers around motor skill development, agility, hand-eye coordination, and an introduction to game technique.  Participants play in scrimmage nights.  Learn more.

U9 Program
This 8 class co-ed program centers around technical skill development and an introduction to game play.  Participants play in scrimmage nights.  Learn more.

U10 Program
This 12-class program continues to build technical proficiency while emphasizing a progression toward competitive game play. Teams compete in in-house tournaments as well as the regional U10 tournament.  Learn more.

Additional Programs

Developmental Program
Offers skills training and scrimmage play for athletes interested in fine tuning skills and playing the game.  Learn more.

Positional Training
Outside of scheduled practices, opportunities are available for athletes to spend additional time working on specific skills to enhance and broaden their current skill set and position.  Learn more.

Private Lessons

Private lessons provide more individualized skill and positional training to the player that wants to gain that little edge on the competition.  Learn more.

Referee/Score Keeping Clinic
This annual clinic teaches players and parents how to efficiently run games in an orderly manner.  Learn more.

Pre-Season Camp and Clinics
For those interested in preparing for Gateway Region club tryouts, pre-season camp and clinics are a great way to improve your skills.  Learn more.

Summer and Fall Camps
Recreational and competitive level camps help develop players in a more intense focused time frame.