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Contact Steven Mueth with questions, or even to let him know if you are not planning on playing volleyball in college, so he can keep track of it.

  1. Players (14-18 yrs old) need to complete a player profile and send it to 
    Steven Mueth to review.
    • Caution: Be aware that this information is being made public, so anyone can see your information that you put on the form. It is strongly advised to only put pertinent information, and a parent's email address on the form (rather than the player's), so the parent can screen inquiries.
  2. Review the NCAA Eligibility Guidelines and the NAIA Eli​gibility Guidelines.
    Be sure you are reading the current year guidelines.
  3. Understand the differences between the NCAA and NAIA. Understand the differences between NCAA Division I, II and III. The following sites are references:
  4. Review other Recruiting and Scholarship aids:
  5. Review the College Needs list from PrepVolleyball to understand how they look for players.
  6. Register on NCAA and NAIA Clearing Houses, if interested.


Updated: 12/11/2012

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