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Athletic Hall of Fame


Carrie Obermoeller​​1st Team All State​Soccer
1998​Matt Helbig​State Champion: 800m​Track
199​9​Lakeisha Finch​State Champion: Triple Jump​Track
​1999Kelli Merritt​​1st Team All State​Soccer
​2000Kacie Flinn​​1st Team All State​Softball
​2000​Katie Jordan​1st Team All State​Softball
​2001​Trisha Niedenbach​1st Team All State​Soccer
​2001​Tricia Oberhaus​1st Team All State​Softball
​2001​Jamie Perry​1st Team All State​Soccer
2004​​Dante Crockett​1st Team All State​Football
​2004​TJ Novak​1st Team All State
MO Player of the Year (2004)
​2006​Eddie Calvin​1st Team All State (2005)
State Champion: 110M Hurdles
​2006​Katrina Choate​1st Team All State​Golf
​2006​JR Keeve​1st Team All State​Soccer
​2006​Brandon Williams​1st Team All State​Football
​2007​Zach Klump​1st Team All State​Football
​2007​Kristen Nottleman​1st Team All State
MO Player of the Year (2007)
​2007​Maggie Winkler​1st Team All State​Soccer
​2008​Aimee Bonte​State Champion: 3200M ('07-'08)​Track
2009​​Bethany Buell​State Champion: Pole Vault ('08-09)​Track
​2009​Linnsie McMahan​1st Team All State
MO Goal Keeper of the Year
2009​​Ben Smith​1st Team All State​Baseball
2010​​Kristen Bright​1st Team All State​Soccer
2011​​Sean Clancy​1st Team All State
MO Goal Keeper of the Year
​2011​Lindsey Eisenreich​State Champion​Golf
2011​​Daniel Mazar​State Champion: 800M​Track
2011​​Aaden Aaden, Curt Wood, Devonte Harris, Daniel Mazar​State Champions: 4x800M​Track
2012​​Annie Blevins​1st Team All State​Lacrosse
​2012​Cody Edwards​1st Team All State​Football
​2012​Clayton Evans​1st Team All State​Baseball
​2012​Eric Beisel​1st Team All State​Football
2012​​Ellie Cooper​1st Team All State​Softball
​2012​Megan Popp​State Champion: 500yd Freestyle​Swimming
2013​​Kacey Bright​1st Team All State​Soccer
​2013​Alyssa Jones​4 x All State​Track/Cross Country
2013​​Ian McIntosh​State Champion: 160 lbs​Wrestling
2014​​Jenny Govero​1st Team All State ('07, '09)​Cross Country
​2014​Sadie Robertson​3x 1st Team All Conference
3x 1st Team All Region
3x 1st Team All District
2x 2nd Team All State
State Champion 2006
​2014​Sam Stapleton​State Champion: 100yd Freestyle​Swimming
​2014​Dylan Steffens​5th Place State, 2011
2nd Place State, 2012-2013
Career Record 112-8

​2015​Gary Anthony​2nd Team All State (1999)
1st Team All Conference ('97-'99)
All State 4x400m ('98-'99)
​2015​Michael Laaker​1st Team All State (2014)​Soccer
2015​​Spenser Matthews​2nd Team All State ('12)
All State Shot Put ('12)
2x Wrestling State Qualifier ('12-'13)
​2015​Rudy May​State Champion ('12)
2nd Team All State ('12)
1st Team All Conference ('12-'13)
All State Wrestling; 5th Place ('12), 2nd Place ('13)
2015​​Megan Morris​1st Team All State (2015)​Soccer
​2016Jordan Haliburton​1st Team All State Returner - '15
1st Team All State DB - '16
​2016Krista McMahan​1st Team All State​​Soccer
2016​Melissa Menghini​State Champion:  800m​
All State - '14-15
All State - '15-'16
Cross Country
Cross Country
​2016Sam Pennington​3x All State - 5th in 2014, 3rd in 2015, 2nd in 2016
2nd Team All State, All Metro ​
​2017​Rayvon Allen​State Champion Triple Jump 2016-2017
State Champion Long Jump 2017
All State 300 Hurdles 2016-2017
​2017​Rayvon Allen, Jacob Brunsman, Danny Hopkins, Ladarius Reed​State Champions 4x400 2017​Track
​2017​Bryce Edwards​State Champion Shot Put 2017
All State Discus 2017
2nd Team All State 2017
​2017​Coltyn Kessler​1st Team All State, Catcher 2017​Baseball
​2017​Mackenzie Litsinger​1st Team All State, Forward, 2017​Soccer
​2017​Jaxon Passino​1st Team All State, Utility, 2017​Baseball
​2017​Carly Robinson​1st Team All State, Pitcher/1st Base, 2017​Softball
​2017​Jackson Rutledge​1st Team All State, Pitcher, 2017​Baseball
​2017​Peter Baker​1st Team All State Soccer, 2016​​Soccer
​2017​Colin Hilpert​1st Team All State Soccer, 2016​Soccer
​2018​Billy Hency​1st Team All State Soccer, 2016-2018
Gatorade MO Player of the Year 2016
All Metro Player of Year 2016
State Champions 2016
All American 2016-2017
​2018​Anna Lawler​1st Team All State Soccer, 2015-2018
Gatorade MO Player of the Year 2016/2018
All Metro Player of Year 2016-2018
State Champions 2018
All American 2016-2018
​2018​Corey Goede​1st Team All State Soccer
1st Team All Metro
All American 2018
State Champions 2016