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Principal 2021 - Dr. Emily McCown

Apr 25
Class of 2021 Parents:

You are invited to attend our Class of 2021 Parent Meeting on May 3, 2018 at 6:30 pm in the Commons.  This will be a short meeting to review our treasury report and begin planning sophomore year fundraising. 

During 2018-2019 school year, we are responsible for Summit Trivia Night. We would like volunteers to chair this event. If you are interested and unable to attend, please let us know.

We look forward to seeing you May 3

Apr 02
Freshmen Information for April 3, 2018

​Dear Parents/Guardians of Freshmen,

On Tuesday, April 3rd, freshmen will be participating in activities to help them reflect and set goals for the next three years of high school.  The following message will be shared with freshmen to define the purpose of the day’s activities.

“Today you will be learning tools to help best prepare you for the next 3 years of high school.  As we are close to ending our freshmen year, we now better understand expectations and opportunities at Rockwood Summit.  This is the time to start focusing on how you can best use the next three years so that when you leave RSHS you will have as many doors open as possible for your next adventure.”

We are excited to welcome guest speaker, Arshay Cooper, in the morning.  Mr. Cooper is the author of Sugawater, and speaks around the nation to high school students about his experiences growing up and overcoming obstacles. 

Freshmen will report to their assigned classroom for these activities at 8:16 am.  Student rosters for assigned rooms are posted outside of the guidance office, and along the back hallway on the 1st and 3rd floors.  Freshmen will need to bring their Chromebooks with them for other activities that morning.  All students will report to their 5th thru 7th hour classes later in the day.

Thank you,

Mar 05
College & Career Information Spring 2018 - 9th & 10th grade

​  Greetings 9th and 10th grade parents and students!

I realize it is early in your high school career but I wanted to provide you with a list of things you can start considering as you prepare for your life after high school.  Here are a few things to keep in mind this spring when it comes to planning for college:

College will not be the path for all students.  I am willing and available to work with students who would like to consider options in the military, work-force, or trades after high school.  My schedule is very full this time of year meeting with juniors and seniors.  I would encourage you to attend evening and weekend programs and to meet with your school counselor to answer some of your questions at this time.  I really enjoy working with all of our Summit students and look forward to getting you know you!


Ivy Hutchison, M.Ed

College and Career Counselor

Follow me on Twitter!  @RSHSCollege

Jan 08
Civics Assessment:


The following message was sent to your parents today regarding the civics assessment you will be taking in January in your US History class.  If you or your parents have any questions regarding this assessment please talk with your US History teacher.

Dr. McCown

​The Missouri Civics Education Initiative (SB 638)

Student and Parent Information

The Missouri Civics Education Initiative (Missouri Senate Bill 638) was signed into law on June 22, 2016. The law requires that public, private and charter school students pass an examination on the provisions and principles of American civics before graduation. It takes effect with students entering ninth grade after July 1, 2017. By law, the test must consist of one hundred questions similar to the questions used by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for the process of becoming a naturalized citizen. The Rockwood test will be administered in a multiple choice format based on those questions during the second semester of the U.S. History course. Students must pass this test to graduate. All 504/IEP test accommodations are provided as required by individual plans. The test will not be included as part of the grade for the course.

The questions cover a wide range of topics including American History and Government. These topics are covered during Social Studies instruction in elementary and middle school, and in our high school US History course. Additional topics include a knowledge of current elected officials at the federal level including President, Vice-President, Senators, and Representatives from Missouri serving in Congress. 

The three test categories and their subsections are:

  • American Government

    • Principles of American Democracy

    • Systems of Government

    • Rights and Responsibilities

  • American History

    • Colonial Period and Independence

    • 1800s

    • Recent American History and Other Important Historical Information

  • Integrated Civics

    • Geography

    • Symbols

    • Holidays

Students will initially be given the test during January of 2nd semester in their US History course. This will assist in identifying areas that may require additional instruction and review.  A second administration will be given later in 2nd semester as needed.

There are many online tools to help students review and prepare for the test. These include the links shown below.  Students will also be provided an Assessment Blueprint to assist in preparation for the test.​​​​​​​

Links for Preparation and Review

Civics Test Study Materials

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service study materials

Civics Test Flash Cards

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service question flashcards

Civics Practice Test

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service practice tests

Quick Civics Lessons for Test Review

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service study guide

Civics Education Initiative Practice Tests

Joe Foss Institute Practice Tests

Video Study Guide for Civics Test

Joe Foss Institute one minute Video Study Guide per question

Dec 08
Freshmen Finals 12-8-17

Dear Parents:

Our freshmen have spent the last 2 Advisory classes learning the final exam schedule, advice for studying, and organizational tools to best prepare.  Each student has access to study tips from their teachers on their google classroom for Freshmen Advisory, as well as materials from their individual courses.  I wanted to make sure each of you are also aware of schedules and events to best prepare them for their first final exams in high school.

Cocoa and Cramming Study Session:

This is a special study session for freshmen only, sponsored by our Link Crew and National Honor Society upperclassmen.  Dec. 12th and 14th, 9th graders can stay after to help prepare for final exams by working with other freshmen and upperclassmen on their final exam materials.  This study session is from 3:10 - 5:00.  Students can stay for as little or as long as they need.  There will be no local transportation provided.  Our VICC students will be able to take the usual 4:30 activity bus.

Final Exam Schedule:

Monday, Dec 18th - Full day attendance

Students will report to their 5th hour class first thing for their 5th hour final.  The remainder of the day will be a modified bell schedule for them to visit with each class, 1st - 7th hour, for last minute tips with teachers.

Bell Schedule:

5th hr final - 8:16 - 10:17

1st Hr - 10:22 - 10:58

4th Hr - 11:03 12:22 (with lunch)

2nd Hr - 12:27 - 1:03

3rd Hr - 1:08 - 1:44

6th Hr - 1:49 - 2:24

7th Hr - 2:29 - 3:05

Tuesday - Thursday, Dec 19th - 21st - Half day 


The last 3 days of the semester students will take two 2-hour finals and be dismissed at12:25.  Students should plan their transportation for these days and know their bus routes.  There will be no late activity bus.  Students will have 10 minutes between final exams.  Cafeteria lines will be open for students to get grab-n-go items.  

Tuesday, Dec 19th

1st Hr Final - 8:16 - 10:16

2nd Hr Final 10:25 - 12:25

WednesdayDec 20th

3rd Hr Final - 8:16 - 10:16

4th Hr Final - 10:25 - 12:25

ThursdayDec 21st

6th Hr Final - 8:16 - 10:16

7th Hr Final - 10:25 - 12:25

Attendance during Final Exams:

It is important that students are in attendance on these days and on time.  Students who are late may not be granted entry into the final exam and will have to take their exam during the make-up test times.  Students will also be expected to remain in their class during exam time until the class is dismissed at 10:16 or 12:25.  We ask that parents not pick up students early so we do not interrupt the testing environment.

Make-Up Test Times:

If you child is ill and absent during a final exam they will be able to take the exam after the winter break during the make up test times after school.  Make up final exams will beJanuary 3rd and 4th from 3:10 - 6:00 pm in room 220.​​​​​​​

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on end of the year procedures.  I have really enjoyed getting to know this group of kids!  I hope you have a relaxing winter break!


Nov 01
A+ Program and Certification

Several weeks ago our freshmen received a presentation on the A+ Program in their Freshmen Seminar class.  I know several of our freshmen are not in this course so I wanted to highlight this opportunity to all our families.

The A+ Program is a nationally recognized program in which students earn an A+ Certification upon graduation by meeting specific requirements and completing 50 hours of tutoring.  Students are able to sign up for this program beginning freshmen year and work towards meeting the requirements during their 4 years of high school.  Students who graduate with A+ certification are eligible to receive scholarship funds to any public community college or trade school.   I always recommend our students pursue this program even if their plans may not include community college as completion of the program indicates many positive characteristics that any college or university would be looking for in a student.

Below you will find the presentation students received in Freshmen Seminar.  You can also click this link to find more information on the program through our district website.  Typically during freshmen year most students will simply sign up for the program.  Towards junior and senior year we will discuss more about meeting the requirement for the tutoring hours as those are easier to complete when they are older and able to drive.  

If you have any questions regarding this program you can contact our A+ Coordinator Jennifer Kottmann at

A+ Program ppt 17-18.pptx.pdf 

Enrollment Packet

Happy November!


Oct 05
Fall College & Career Information - 9th, 10th, 11th Grade Students & Parents

​Being prepared is a great way to avoid frustration and stress especially as it pertains to the post-high school planning process.  In an effort to help you with this planning, I want to make you aware of some opportunities. 

College Information Night, Thursday, October 12, 2017 7-9:15p.m. is open to families with students in 9-12th grade.  Become an expert on college by attending this event!  There are 12 different sessions on college planning offered.  You will have time to attend only three of them.  Some families choose to attend this event more than one year so that they can glean all of the information that is offered in the sessions.  More information on College Information Night and the entire list of workshops available can be found online.  Students and parents are encouraged to attend Thursday, October 12, beginning at 7p.m. in the theater.  

Sessions include:

College 101

Financial Aid

How to Find Scholarships

A+ Ins and Outs

Community College 101

Athletic Recruiting

ACT, PSAT, SAT information and preparation

Medical Careers (MD, OT, PT, RN)

Selective College Admissions

Essay Writing

Fine Arts (and game design) College Admissions

Performing and Visual Arts College Fair at Webster University, Saturday, October 71-3p.m. This is a great opportunity for students who want to study music recording, game design, app design, theater, music or the visual arts to interact with college reps with exceptional programs in these areas.  Pre-register and check out a list of schools attending:

College Fair at SLU- on Sunday, October 22, 2017 from 1-4p.m. in the Simon Recreation Center is a national college fair attended by thousands of students and hundreds of colleges.  It is recommended that students pre-register online:  You can also find a complete list of colleges that are attending on this same website.  Visit this site for tips on how to make the most of a college fair:

Naviance/Family Connection is a helpful tool for searching for colleges.  Students logged on to use Naviance during their Advisory period this fall and completed a StrengthsFinder.  Naviance is used for: college searching, signing up to meet with college reps that visit RSHS  and career searching.  Ask your student to share their login information with you (username: email password: 10 digit student #).  Instructions can be found here for Family Connection/Naviance:

I recommend starting the search process for post-high school options as early as 9th and 10th grade.  The best way to do this is by using online resources to find a good fit, visiting campuses, attending summer programs (usually on college campuses), and talking to other adults (friends parents, parents friends, etc. What did you do? How did you get there? What do you like best/least about your job or college you attended?)  By fall of senior year students should have a pretty good idea of their post-high school plans.  We can assist with applications, financial aid and the college search process.  Check out our website for college planning timelines and other information:

I am available to meet with students one on one beginning in spring of 11th grade.    Appointments can be made by calling Mrs. Ronda Skinner or your student can stop by the Counseling Office to make an appointment.  In the meantime, please take advantage of our evening programs. I will also be available for brief conversations during conferences. 

As always, please feel free to contact the College and Career Office with questions.


Ivy Hutchison

Mrs. Hutchison, College and Career Counselor

Mrs. Skinner, College and Career Secretary (636) 891-6834​

Sep 18
Homecoming and PSO Information 9-18-17

​Homecoming 2017

I am so excited for our Freshmen to experience their first Homecoming Week!  STUCO has planned a great week to celebrate our students, our school, and our community.  We know this week is exciting for them but it is also a good time to talk with your child about making good choices.  We want this time to be fun for our students and families but also for the Fenton community.  Please take time to talk with your child about acting responsibly this week, both in the classroom and in our community.  

Included below is information regarding ticket sales this week and spirit dress days so you understand why your child may look a little different leaving the house!  

A few reminders of events this week:

Wednesday - Powderpuff Game, ends at 8:00 pm

Friday - Parade at 6:00, Football at 7:00, should end around 9:30 pm

Saturday - Dance 7:00 - 10:00 pm

I appreciate your help in picking up your child at the end of these events at the designated times.

Dance Ticket Info:

  • Tickets go on sale Monday, September 18th. They will only be sold during lunches. Tickets will not be sold after school or at the door.

  • Cost is $10 per ticket Monday-Thursday; price goes up to $15 on Friday.

  • Students can receive $5 off if they donate five or more canned goods when purchasing tickets during the week.

  • Students cannot purchase tickets if they owe any fines.

  • If purchasing a ticket for a date from another school, students must have date cards filled out completely and approved by an administrator before a ticket can be purchased.

  • Students can only bring one guest.

  • Students will only be admitted to the dance with their own ticket. Any outside dates who arrive without the Summit student who purchased the ticket will not be allowed in. Students are responsible for their guests.

A message from our PSO Parent Reps:

Good Evening Freshman Parents,

We hope everyone's child is doing well and adjusting to life in high school. We have a few upcoming events to help raise money for our freshman class. Below is the link to sign up to help with the concession stands for our 2 games this month. Remember your student can also help you in the concession stand duties and earn tickets for Senior Slam.

Here is the F/JV football game on September 18th

And the Varsity game on September 29th

Thanks in advance for signing up!!!!

Thank you again for your support this week.  Happy Homecoming!

Aug 30
Parent & Class Meeting Info 8-25-17

   Meeting Information

Thank you to all of those that were able to attend Open House.  A special thank you to our PSO parents for presenting as well.  If you are interested in volunteering or getting involved in our PSO please check out their slides from the parent presentation.  I have attached the "Flocking" fundraiser flyer if you are interested.  I am attaching information from both last night’s parent presentation as well as today’s freshmen class meeting.  As I mentioned last night, students will receive their Rockwood Summit Student Handbook today in their advisory.  Hopefully that makes its way home today but if not, I have attached the link to our online version as well.

Parent Night 2017 - 9th grade.pdf 

Aug Class Mtg - 9th grade.pdf 

Student Expectations Final for Class Meetings.pdf 

flocker flyer.pdf 

Rockwood Summit Student Handbook link

Rockwood School District Policy Handbook Link

As I mentioned last night, today and Monday students will attend their first advisory session.  Advisories will meet on Late Start Mondays.  During Friday’s advisory students will be introduced to our focus on Essential Skills for Personal Success, or “soft skills” as some of you may be more familiar with.  Attached you will find more information regarding the purpose of our advisories this year as well as the essential skills we will be working on. 

Summit advisory for parents.pdf 

Soft skills .pdf 

On Monday’s advisory, all students will take the StrengthsExplorer assessment through Gallup.  This online assessment tool will provide students with three strengths based on their responses.  Attached you will find the Parent Guide to the StrengthsExplorer to continue the conversation at home with your child. 

Parent Strengths Explorer Playbook.pdf 

If you have questions over any of the above information please do not hesitate to contact the freshman office.

Have a wonderful weekend!​

Aug 12
Make Up Orientation on 8-14-17

We had a great day on Friday!  I hope your child feels confident to start the school year on Wednesday.  If you missed the freshmen orientation we have a make-up orientation time for all grade levels on Monday, Aug 14th from 12:30 - 3:00.  Please report to the Freshmen Office located in the main office.  We will get your child's schedule and locker.  You are welcome to take a tour at this time to find your child's classes as well.  Bring any paperwork with you from the summer mailing to turn in.  Please contact me if this time does not work for your family and we can try to make other arrangments.

Enjoy your weekend!


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