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Special Education/Section 504/Homebound
​​​paint hands.jpgSome Rockwood learners require differentiated services during their educational careers. The Office of Special Education, 504 and Homebound Services collaborates with students, families and staff so students with special needs may realize their potential as part of our commitment to ensuring all students realize their potential. 
Students with an educational disability may access additional learning supports through special education with an Individualized Education Plan, an IEP.  Other students may have a disability that limits their learning or another major life activity, such as hearing or walking.  These students may have a Section 504 Accommodation Plan.  Finally, some students experience short-term physical or mental impairments that interfere with their ability to attend school and receive support through homebound services.
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All programs offered in the Rockwood School District are accessible to individuals with disabilities.  All Rockwood facilities are accessible on the primary level to individuals with disabilities .  General accessibility is available in all locations except for the upper levels of the Administrative Annex, Administrative Central Office, and Ballwin Elementary.

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