College and Career Center

  • Mission Statement:

    All students will be valued and provided results-based instruction in the areas of Career, Academic, and Personal Social Development, through a comprehensive guidance program, as they acquire skills, abilities and attitudes that empower them to be lifelong contributing members of society.

    CEEB Code: 261000


    Upcoming Events

    8/31 - College Planning 101 Workshop at 6:30pm - Presentation

    9/21 - Financial Aid Night at 6:30pm (Theater) - Presentation

    10/2 - Rockwood College Fair from 6:00-7:30pm at Marquette HS (As of 9/26 - Colleges in Attendance )


    Colleges Visiting EHS this Fall (As of 9/14) - List of Colleges


    Use College Goals to Choose High School Courses

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