Booster Clubs

  • Booster clubs in the Rockwood School District provide valuable services to students and families in the school community.  The resources provided in this Booster Club Toolkit will help guide your organization through the steps of becoming a district-recognized booster group.

    Having this designation helps to promote positive and active support from parents and staff.  It establishes your organization's reputation as it builds trust and with the club's nonprofit status, bylaws, insurance and financial responsibilities.

    Becoming a District-Recognized Booster Group
    Step 1

    1. Become a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and annually submit a copy of the Form 990 tax return to the Rockwood Finance office.Incorporate your organization.  View the application from the Missouri Secretary of State
    2. Learn the steps to become a nonprofit corporation from University of Missouri Extension

    Step 2
    Create bylaws for your organization regarding purpose and operations that  reflect your support of a group or activity at a Rockwood school. Review a sample of bylaws that have been approved by legal counsel for incorporated nonprofit organizations.

    Step 3
    Comply with guidelines established in Section 341 of the Student Activity Funds Procedure Manual regarding fundraising activities as outlined by the Rockwood Finance Department (currently under revision).

    Step 4
    Complete the application for becoming a district-recognized booster group.

    Next Steps
    If your organization agrees to follow the above guidelines for becoming a district-recognized booster group and would like to be covered by district-paid insurance, complete the Application for Becoming a District-Recognized Booster Club and submit it to the Facility Usage office by January 15 of each year.

    If your organization chooses to not be a district-recognized booster group, you will be subject to the same guidelines for fees, insurance and personnel costs as other non-district groups.

Annual Renewal Information

  • In order for groups to maintain their status as a district recognized booster group, a yearly renewal application must be completed by January 15 of each year in order for the group to receive district-paid insurance, which begins in March of each year.