Elementary Mental Health - Resources for Parents, Students, and Families

  • The Rockwood School District is a close, caring community that understands the importance of addressing the social and emotional needs of our students, particularly this year in the midst of a pandemic. The District provides multiple supports for students and staff, including: school counselors, school social workers, social-emotional behavior specialists, partnerships with community resources such as Alive & Well Communities St. Louis, our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors program, the RSD Thrive social-emotional health employee training program; and parent workshops on topics such as mental health and wellness.

    We continue to expand the support and resources for students, staff and families to ensure the safety, well-being and success of our entire community.

    Please explore the resources on this site if you and your family are in need of help.

    National Institute of Mental Health
    Kids Mental Health Portal
    Child Mind Institute