Fundraising and Wish List Items


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    Based on parent feedback, we’ve eliminated nearly all “selling” fundraisers and instead raise money primarily through community-building events (though parents and friends of our GP community are welcome to donate directly to PTO at any time using the PayPal link on this page).

    Below are pictures of some of the items we've purchased for our Green Pines community over the years from our ongoing "wish list," in addition to our typical budgeted activities. Thank you for your support!


    Eight picnic tables for the courtyard, fall 2022



    Wobble stools, fall 2022



    Sensory path, spring 2022

    sensory path


    Gym projector and screen, spring 2022

    gym projector


    Cardio drumming sets, spring 2022

    cardio drums



    Jumper cable box, spring 2022

    jumper cable box


    Sensory gator, winter 2021

    sensory gator


    Yard sign letters, spring 2021



    Exterior welcome mat, fall 2020

    Welcome Mat


    Green Pines canopy tent, spring 2020



    Exterior banners, summer 2019



    Three water-bottle machines, spring 2019

    water bottle machines


    Track shirts, fall 2018

    track shirts


    Set of letters for outdoor marquee, fall 2018



    Decorative fence cups, summer 2018

    fence cups


    Washer/dryer set for use by PTO, the school nurse, and the custodians, spring 2018

    washer and dryer


    Gaga ball pit, winter 2017

    gaga pit


    Other purchases not pictured:

    • Laminator for staff workroom, fall 2022
    • Workroom color printer, spring 2022

    • Six grade-level printers, fall 2019