Welcome to the Ellisville Elementary Library!

  • Library Media Center Hours

    The library media center is open during the school day and before and after school.

    Flexible Library Schedule

    Students in grades 1-5 may come to the library media center on an as needed basis. All children should plan to visit the library media center at least once a week to check out new books. Kindergarten students come to the LMC once a week for a 30 minute story time and checkout.

    Check Out

    Students grades 1-5 may check out three books at a time. For research, more items may be checked out. One book is checked out to Kindergarteners for a week at a time. Grades 1-5 may have books for two weeks.

    Overdue Books

    We do not charge fines, but strongly encourage students to the have all materials back on time so that others may use them. Overdue lists are periodically printed for the classroom teachers as a reminder for the student. There is a charge for replacing lost or damaged materials.

Library Staff