• Welcome to Pond's Library!

    We offer flexible library scheduling every day, so students and staff have access to the library media center resources. With flexible access scheduling, the classroom teacher and the library media center personnel are able to team together on projects that support the curriculum.  

    Students come to the library media center individually, in small groups, or with the entire class to learn how they can find information for their projects, choose a book to read for an assignment or for fun or use a computer to work on a project.  While this is going on in the library media center, other students may continue to check out materials and work on individual projects.  The library-media center is the place that encourages and nurtures students to become avid readers, independent researchers, and lifelong learners.

    Library-Media Center Goals:

    1.       Support the curriculum of the Rockwood School District through fiction and nonfiction resources
    2.       Improve students’ reading comprehension
    3.       Promote recreational reading
    4.       Integrate media technology throughout the media center and the school

    Library-Media Center Activities

    1.       Circulate books
    2.       Magazines and Periodicals
    3.       Research
    4.       Digital media production
    5.       Computer research
    6.       Microsoft Office and Google Apps
    7.       Online catalogue searching
    8.       Storytime
    9.       Videos/Smartboard
    10.     Read a magazine/book
    11.     Develop information literacy skills

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