About Us

  • Crestview Middle School is an active learning environment where students, parents, faculty and administrators are dedicated to a common goal: to develop independent, life-long learners and creative, responsible citizens prepared for the diverse and complex society of the future. We believe it is cool to care about our students and we are determined to follow the five Crestview norms of Respect, Listen, Participate, Keep an Open Mind, and Reflect. Many instructional, advisory, disciplinary and motivational programs are based on this intrinsic philosophy. Interdisciplinary teams and a wide range of exploratory and specialized courses offer students diverse and personalized educational programs. The parent organization is actively involved in school activities. A system of participatory management includes parents, students and staff in a constant process of school improvement.

    Mission Statement

    We cultivate interdependent learners through high expectations.

    Recognizing that a school has a profound impact on the lives of its students, the mission of Crestview Middle School is to develop independent, lifelong learners and creative, responsible citizens who are prepared for the diverse and complex society of the future. As a dynamic partnership of students, staff, family and community, we will create a safe, secure climate of respect, celebrate individual differences, and meet the academic and developmental needs of our students.