Conversations with School Officers

police badges
  • Tyrone Dennis brings a unique perspective to his new role as District Safety Officer in Rockwood.

    During his first few months on the job during the 2020-2021 school year, he developed a new program to provide opportunities for our School Resource Officers (SROs) to connect with our secondary students.

    The program is called Conversations with SROs.

    "It’s all about building relationships," he notes. "We need to cultivate trust among our local law enforcement officers and our students. I believe if this happens, we can avoid some of the problems that may arise later in the school year, and later in life."

    As a police officer and detective, Mr. Dennis has more than 15 years of law enforcement experience. Before that, he walked the halls of Marquette High School as a student. "Role models are important," he says. "I remember the people I looked up to in school, and I learned a lot that made a huge impact on my life."

    The new Conversations with SROs will help build connections. Each month, Dennis will invite students participate, as well as ask open, honest questions that they need answered. "I’m just a facilitator. The SROs and the students will determine the direction of the conversations and the topics they want to discuss."

    The Zoom meetings will ensure safety for all participants. Once a month, SROs will be given the opportunity to have an hour with students and have a voice in providing direction.

    Questions? Contact Mr. Dennis via email or (636) 733-2190.

    Conversation Dates
    Thursday, Sept. 23: 10:04-11:04 a.m.
    Thursday, Oct. 21: 10:04-11:04 a.m.