Physical Safety

  • Rockwood understands the importance of emergency preparedness. We strive to develop a proactive safety culture, where feasible measures are in place to ensure we have workable plans for crisis situations that may occur in or around our facilities.

    The district continues to review all physical safety measures in our schools to ensure all students have a secure environment to learn and grow. Below is a list of some of those efforts.

    Secured Entrances
    All Rockwood schools have secured entrances with door-access technology. The exterior door buzzers are controlled with a camera and intercom, thereby requiring visitors to request entrance from trained staff who allow access through the locked doors of the school.

    Locked Doors
    External doors to school buildings are locked during the school day. After-school Adventure Club areas have locking systems for the protection of students until parents arrive to pick them up from school.

    Barricade Safety Glass Film
    All school entrances have safety film over glass doors and windows to protect the school from threats of break-ins and severe weather events.

    Internal Classroom Locking Features
    All teachers have doors on their classrooms that can be locked from the inside of the classroom to ensure quick-reaction times in case of emergencies. Once an intruder alarm is activated, teachers have the ability to lock their doors immediately from inside the classroom.

    Supervision of Schools
    All school administrators review student arrival/dismissal procedures in order to minimize the number of doors students and staff may access the school. In addition, school administrators, SROs and/or trusted adults are visible during school start/dismissal/passing times to ensure an added layer of school security.