Social and Emotional Safety

  • Rockwood recognizes the importance of relationships. We want all students to have a Rockwood champion who is focused on helping them grow and thrive in this world. Educators build relationships with kids in order to make a difference. Research tells us that when kids have at least one positive relationship in their school, they are more successful in acquiring positive behaviors to support their learning. It’s important for students to understand who the trusted adults are in their lives, as well as answer the question: “Who is my champion?”

    Character Education

    Character Education programs in every Rockwood school advocate for integrity, honesty, respect, and other core ethical values to be incorporated into education for the betterment of our students. We believe character education helps behavioral challenges, promotes academic achievement and serves as a platform for bullying prevention.

    Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

    Rockwood middle school students are raising awareness and acceptance as the district's new anti-bullying ambassadors. Teams from all six Rockwood middle schools took part in a new leadership program founded upon R-S-D anti-bullying standards: R: Recognize it - S: Stop it - D: Describe it.

    Codes of Conduct

    Rockwood policies and regulations align with the critical imperative of maintaining a safe, orderly learning environment and our commitment to providing age-appropriate disciplinary response. Our Rockwood Student Handbook outlines the policies, regulations, consequences and discipline for our students.

    Collaborating with Partner Agencies

    Rockwood partners with local organizations to utilize community-based services in support of our students, staff and families, including our own Partners in Education program, as well as the St. Louis Children’s Services Fund.

SEL Wheel