• Rockwood Tipline: Anonymous Information

    The school district utilizes Courage2Report, a tipline facilitated by the Missouri State Highway Patrol where students, parents, staff and the community can pose concerns and questions on a variety of topics. According to the participant's preference, the Rockwood Tipline can be anonymous, or the participant can share contact information for a personal response.

    ParentSquare Mobile App: Emergency Messages

    The Rockwood ParentSquare mobile app provides our school community with instant notifications and direct messaging during times of emergency situations. Download the free mobile app today.

    Rockwood Connect: Automatic Notification System

    The district's automatic notification system ensures the district is ready to utilize phone, email and text messaging during times of crises. Parent information is refreshed each day, so the system has the most up-to-date contact numbers for our families.

    Rockwood and School Websites

    Rockwood's investment in the district and school websites lets our entire school community know the latest news and information. In times of crisis, an emergency banner will be posted at the top of every site to communicate updates for the district, schools and supporting departments/programs.

    Social Media: Connecting with the Community

    Rockwood's social media accounts will stretch our message across a variety of channels: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In addition, the district utilizes a media intelligence service to provide broadcast media and social media monitoring to keep abreast of online conversations that could pose potential threats to school safety.

    Crisis Management: Keeping Staff Ready to Serve

    Rockwood has extensive resources for building-level and districtwide crisis communication. This includes a staff intranet, One Rockwood, where staff members can find news and information to support efforts to protect our students, schools and community. One Rockwood is password-protected to ensure a secure resource for safety processes and protocols that staff may utilize during a crisis.

    Crisis Workshop: Partnerships in the Community

    This biennial meeting brings together emergency management officials, school administrators and parent leaders to provide opportunities for introductions and crisis scenario discussions.

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