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  • rockwood-south-entranceRockwood South opened its doors in 1980 as a junior high serving 280 seventh-and eighth-grade students. South was built to accommodate the growing Fenton area in the southern quadrant of the Rockwood School District. As this area continued to grow, so did South. In 1987, an additional hall was added to accommodate adding ninth grade. A new wing was added in 1992 and South changed to a middle school serving sixth, seventh and eighth graders. New music rooms, health rooms and a multipurpose gym were added in 1997. South currently serves around 1,100 students from the Fenton area.

    Students who attend Uthoff Valley, Bowles, Stanton and Kellison Elementary schools feed into Rockwood South Middle School. The high school that serves the Rockwood portion of the Fenton area and all South students is Rockwood Summit High School.

    Rockwood South's mascot is the falcon. School colors are burgundy and black.

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