AB Bell Times

  • 92 min blocks

    44 min electives + 3 mins in 1st hour


    25 min lunch shifts

WMS A/B Block Schedule

  • 81 min blocks

    43 min Ac Lab

    39 min electives

    25 min lunch shifts

Academic Lab Day Schedule - Wednesday

  • Half Days - January 12 & June 1

    Encore Classes - Students report to both Encore classes

    Announcements - Time added to start of day for AM announcements

Half Day Academic Schedule

Daily Description

  • 7:15: Students exit buses/cars; enter the cafeteria (breakfast only) or go directly to their first class

    7:15: Teachers arrive - the contracted day begins and should be ready to receive students

    7:40: Warning bell dismisses All students to their lockers and classes

    7:47: The day begins!

    2:39: End of the school day

    2:45: After-school activities begin (End of Day for all Staff)

    3:40: After-school activities end