Board Meetings

  • Regular Meetings

    The Rockwood Board of Education regularly meets on the first and third Thursday evenings of most months.  

    For the 2022-2023 school year, Board meetings will be held at different school buildings around  Rockwood. Please check the column on the right for meeting locations. For locations and contact information for our schools, please visit our School Directory. Meetings begin at 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted on the agenda. Board meetings can be viewed via live-stream  at

    Minutes and Agendas

    Agendas are posted at all district buildings and on the website four days prior to the meeting.  Approved Board minutes are also posted on BoardDocs:

    Public Participation in Open Board Meetings

    The Board of Education of the Rockwood School District will provide for two periods at each regular Board meeting for statements from patrons ("Patron Comments"). “Patrons” as used in this Policy and Regulation 0412 shall be defined as parents, students, residents or employees of the Rockwood School District. The first public comment period shall be solely for Patron Comments related to items on that posted regular meeting agenda, which will be limited to 30 minutes. The second public comment period shall occur at the end of the regular Board meeting order of business and shall be for patrons to make a statement or address the Board concerning any issues pertaining to the Rockwood School District.

    The chairperson maintains the right to extend or limit the time allotted for Patron Comments at either period. Each speaker will be limited to three (3) minutes. The Board uses the public comment period as an opportunity to listen and receive information, but Board members will not engage in debates or discussions with those speaking, other than to seek clarification of their comments. A Board member may ask that the Superintendent ensure that the appropriate staff member follows up in a timely fashion with the individual regarding the information, question or concern presented during Patron Comments. In order to provide an opportunity for all patrons to make statements to the Board, speakers shall sign in on cards provided by the Board prior to the start of the Open Session Board meeting.

    The Board shall provide separate cards for those speaking on agenda items, and those speaking on general matters of interest or concern. On these cards, speakers shall identify the subject matter that they will address, including the specific agenda item, if applicable. All speakers are also encouraged to provide the Board either with a copy of their statement or a short written description of the topic they will address. Sign-in for both public comment periods will be open thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the regular Open Session Board meeting, at the location the meeting is being held, and will close at the start of the Open Session Board meeting. No card will be received after the Open Session Board meeting begins.

    Patrons will speak in the order in which they have signed in for each Patron Comment period. In the event there is insufficient time at a meeting for all speakers to be heard, the speaker shall have the opportunity of submitting the written copy of their statement to the Board. Students and employees of the District have certain rights of confidentiality under state and federal law, which the District will uphold and protect. Therefore, comments about individual employees and/or students will not be permitted in public session. Concerns or questions regarding such individuals should be addressed using the District’s established procedures. Comments must be acceptable for a business and family-friendly environment; Inappropriate language, gestures or personal attacks will not be tolerated. The chairperson will terminate a speaker’s privilege if the speaker becomes abusive or threatening.

    Closed Meetings

    The Board of Education may meet in closed session to discuss those items as designated by law.

2022-2023 Board Meeting Dates

  • 2022

    • August 4 @ Rockwood Summit HS
    • August 10 @ Admin Center - Work Session
    • August 18 @ Marquette HS
    • September 1 @ Marquette HS
    • September 15 @ Lafayette HS
    • September 29 @ Crestview MS (Tax Rate Hearing; 5pm)
    • October 6 @ Marquette HS
    • October 20 @ Crestview MS
    • November 3 - Canceled due to MSBA Conference
    • November 17 @ Lafayette HS
    • December 1 @ Eureka HS - Board Awards Night
    • December 15 @ Crestview MS


    • January 17 @ Admin Center - Work Session
    • January 19 @ Crestview MS
    • January 23 @ Admin Center - Special Closed Session
    • February 6 @ Admin Center - Special Closed Session
    • February 9 @ Rockwood Summit HS
    • March 2 @ Marquette HS - Board Awards Night
    • March 16 @ Lafayette HS
    • April 13 @ Rockwood Summit HS - Reorganization Meeting
    • April 20 @ Eureka HS
    • May 4 @ Lafayette HS
    • May 18 @ Lafayette HS - Board Awards Night
    • June 8 @ Eureka HS
    • June 22 @ Lafayette HS
    • July 20 @ Eureka HS
    • August 3 @ Marquette HS
    • August 17 @ Lafayette HS
    • September 7 @ Lafayette HS
    • September 21 @ Eureka HS
    • September 28 @ Lafayette HS (Tax Rate Hearing)
    • October 5 @ Marquette HS
    • October 19 @ Rockwood Summit HS
    • November 16 @ Lafayette HS
    • December 7 @ Rockwood Summit HS - Board Awards Night


    • January 18 @ Rockwood Summit HS
    • February 1 @ Rockwood Summit HS
    • February 15 @ Eureka HS
    • March 7 @ Marquette HS - Board Awards Night
    • April 4 @ Rockwood Summit HS (Reorganization Meeting)
    • April 18 @ TBD
    • May 2 @ Rockwood Summit HS
    • May 16 @ Lafayette HS - Board Awards Night
    • June 6 @ Marquette HS
    • June 20 @ Eureka HS
    • July 18 @ Lafayette HS