What Counselors Do

  • What services does the school counselor provide?

    • Brief individual counseling

    • Monthly classroom guidance lessons

    • Career awareness

    • Facilitate small groups

    • Assist in crisis situations

    • Liaison for community resources and outside agency referrals

    • Consultation and collaboration with parents/guardians, school staff, medical/clinical personnel, and community agencies

    • 504 Plan Building Coordinator

    • Initiate and coordinate the Homebound process

    • Character Education

    Why do Parents/Guardians contact the school counselor?

    • To request for your child to speak to the school counselor

    • Interpret standardized and state assessment scores

    • Address special needs for your child

    • Request a 504 evaluation

    • Information or assistance in the referral process for Rockwood's gifted program (CCL)

    • Tour the building for prospective students and their families

    • Referrals for tutoring services

    • Social Worker referral

    • Request for your child to participate in a small group

    • Parent resources

    • Request Homebound services

    How is a student referred to the counselor?

    Students may be referred to the counselor by self, parent/guardian, teacher, or administrator.