Early College Partnership

  • The Rockwood School District established the Early College Partnership (ECP) in collaboration with St. Louis Community College – Wildwood.

    This partnership allows current Rockwood high school students to obtain an associate degree while fulfilling their Missouri graduation requirements. The ECP is a two-year, full-immersion, dual-enrollment program.

    The ECP is open to students at all four Rockwood high schools. Applications are available online and in high school counselor's offices.

    During their enrollment in the ECP, students still have access to their full-time Rockwood high school counselor, as well as, their college advisor. They will also have access to the STLCC-Wildwood Student Resource Center, library and computer labs, as well as student clubs and campus activities. Students will follow the STLCC academic calendar and are required to be in attendance for all classes.
    Below is the link to the 2021-2022 ECP application:
    PDF2021-2022 ECP APPLICATION.pdf

    Due to COVID safety restrictions, the Accuplacer is NOT required for the 2021-2022 application year.  
    Please note, the ECP Application deadline has been extended to February 8, 2021.


  • How do I make an appointment with my counselor?

  • How many credits are required for graduation?

  • What are the credits needed for graduation?

  • How do I get a copy of my transcript?

  • Where do I get a work permit?

  • How do I update my address, phone number, and email address?

  • How do I enroll a new student?